More Vet stadium memories

March 22, 2004

I woke up extra-early today so I could go to the gym. Yuh-huh. Now it’s 6:10am, my hands are like ice, and I’m still in bed! Chirpy morning DJ just said there is a windchill factor of 28, which is even less incentive to get out of bed.

Where art thou, Spring?

Vet Stadium memories are still flooding back into my head in the wake of its implosion yesterday. Like the home-opener where I went with my then-bf and a bunch of his buddies. Our seats were in the very last, very highest row. The last rows in the 700 section were simply bleachers, so our backs were against the concrete wall of the Vet. Someone 7 foot tall could probably have stood on the bleacher bench and peer over the top of the stadium. He was apologetic about the poor seats (we were both young and broke) but I thought it was cool — I’d never been in the LAST row before!

Fact: Max’s face, when close enough to my own, can obscure my entire laptop screen. And his nose is inconcievably cold this morning

Mood: Optimistic. Which is rare for a Monday. I guess that means the week will be crap. Frankly, a lot has to do with my new “Leave work at 5:30” philosophy. Sucked to come home at 7:30 and be sleeping a scant few hours later.
Work docket: Work on a special section that’s publishing on Thursday. Maybe do weekly numbers ahead of time. Brainstorm some advertising strategies.
Lunch: Lunching with John today at Cherry Hill Mall. At the Bistro, specifically. At 12:30pm, incase you’re stalkerish.
Evening: Should pick up the living room a bit. Meant to do that this weekend, but was too engrossed with gaming and laziness. 🙂


  • I updated the site a little bit yesterday. See ‘recent updates’ for more details on that.
  • I’m out of my NCAA pool, by virtue of picking Stanford to go all the way.
  • I don’t think I’m making it to the gym this morning. Maybe after work. :/
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