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On lemons, lemonade, and paycheck stubs

March 24, 2004

I really didn’t want to work the Taste of Home show last night. Not nary in the least. Damon had a personal day yesterday, so I didn’t make my 3:30pm start time. Exhausted from a full day of work, I arrived a skosh before 6 and was made an onstage helper.

What’s that? I, along with two other ladies, got to help the home economist onstage! We brought clean plates in, took away the dirties, put food away — basically things I don’t do in my own kitchen — in front of 800 people!

“You’ll be a natural — you’re the CookieCam Lady!” I was told by my colleagues.

Riiiight. Here’s the difference. CookieCam was done on my own terms, in my own kitchen, while wearing slippers. And I couldn’t see who was staring back at me.

It was a bit nervy at times, but at the end of the night, I didn’t make a fool of myself by slipping, tripping, dropping, drooling or shaking it like a Polaroid picture.

And I got to keep the apron. So the night turned out fun after all!

I didn’t get home until 10pm and passed out in record time. Thor had to take Max out for me. Which I’m sure irked him. (Irked Thor, not Max. Max wouldn’t mind if Bin Laden showed up to take him for a walk) So I’ll take him outside this morning (Max, not Thor or Bin Laden) as a measure of good faith.


Our mortgage application packet (I should weigh this sucker) arrived yesterday. I need my most recent 30 days of paycheck stubs. By Friday. Ugh. I’ll get one today. I have March 10, and all of February. So I need last week’s, and March 3rd’s.I’m hoping at least one is in my red binder of management goodness, and that maybe our Business department can help me with the other. Keep your fingers crossed. I don’t want to end up mortgage-less and ultimately, divorced. 🙂

Did it ever occur to NASA that perhaps there are forms of life on Mars that don’t need the same resources that Earth life needs? I’m not the deepest thinker on interplanetary issues, but maybe there is microscopic life there that relies on a material that Mars has and that we don’t.

Yes, my morning blogs are much longer than my evening ones were.


Mood: Downright cheery, for still being pajama’d and in bed.
Work Docket: Weekly meeting, polish up tomorrow’s project for its launch, organize desk. Again. FIND PAYCHECK STUBS!!
Lunch: Ive one frozen meal left.
Evening: Tidy up living room (I could cut and paste this chore from day to day), stop at food store to replenish pantry and frozen lunch supply. And if I had one gram of knowledge as to what’d be good for me, I’d restart yoga tonight.

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