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It’s an update! And a date!

March 25, 2004

Yes! More updating! I tweaked my styles a bit. Now the left bar and the right bar should be the same width. I also want to redo the top graphic. It looks too empty and not wide enough. My archives still need to be prettied up a bit. I’m showing the kind of love for this site that I SHOULD be showing toward my living room.

Good news! The Sellers’ Agent called our Buyers’ Agent last night and asked if we’d be willing to settle on May 14 instead of the aforementioned April 5, May 7, or May 31. (Keeping track?) Quite fab-u! This way, we buy the house and then have 2 luxurious weeks to vacate the apartment and fix all of the crap we broke before Village mgmt finds out that we broke all the crap.

Better news! I found one missing paycheck stub at work yesterday and our Business department gave me a printout verifying that I was indeed paid during the other missing week. So last night I signed my name 22 times and my initials 12 times and completed my half of the mortgage app. Thor will do the same when he comes home.

As I was blustering about the apartment yesterday in Tasmanian devil fashion looking for my AWOL check stubs, Thor pulled out one of those Lucite mail-sorting racks that usually sit on a desk. In it, he had the last 2 years worth of his paycheck stubs. Each year in its own slot. Be afraid, be very afraid. He’s the son of an accountant so it comes naturally to him. I’m the daughter of a railroad worker, which is why anything I touch looks like a train wreck.

I put some stuff up for sale on eBay. If you’re interested, the list is on the right side of the home page.

I’m trying to make an appointment with my dermatologist. I break out when I get stressy, and mere makeup can no longer cover the hideousness. I should go more often, but if I did, I’d always be on antibiotics for the breakouts. I don’t want to live my entire life on meds, so I try every cream I get my hands on. All they do is make me dry. So time to suck up my pride and head to the pro.

My goal of being able to leave work for the day by 5:30 by Spring seems to have been realized. Having both content producers really does free me up to do the admin work, so I’m not constantly crunching to get it all done. My soul soars when I leave work and it’s still light out.

Mood: Pleasant
Work docket: Launch the big project. Technically, it is launched, but I have to put up some promo/linkage saying that it’s there so that readers can find it! 🙂 Tweak our Classifieds page a bit. Write up a guide to checking the website in the mornings. Continue to administer the Student Stock Market Game. Start thinking of my Next Big Project.
Lunch: All out of frozens, so I guess I’m venturing out.
Evening: Let’s see. Copy from yesterday. Paste here: Tidy up living room (I could cut and paste this chore from day to day), stop at food store to replenish pantry and frozen lunch supply.

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