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March 26, 2004

March 26, 2004

As you can probably tell, I lazed about in bed too long today and didn’t have a chance to blog.

After a brutally chilly week, spring has arrived! It was in the 60s today, and I ate lunch (my subway sandwich) outside at the picnic tables at work. (Which is why I didn’t blog at lunch, either.) I just couldn’t bear staying in longer than I had to.

I talked to our Buyers’ Agent today. We have a final walkthrough of the house on 5/14 at 9:00am, and the settlement itself is at 10:30am. I’m taking Friday, 5/14 and Monday 5/17 off from work (Trivia: 5/14 is Danny Wood’s birthday. 5/17 is Jordan Knight’s birthday. Both were New Kids on the Block. I can’t believe I remember those things)

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