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Haddonfield and furniture shopping

March 28, 2004

So yesterday, Thor and I decide to skulk through Haddonfield. I was surprised that he agreed, since guys and shopping usually don’t mix. Especially guys and shopping in consignment shops and antique-y places.

We browsed a few shops and had lunch. Then Thor said, “Hey, let’s go look for a bedroom set.” I said, “OK, but let’s hit the candy shop first.”

(I had a Sugar Daddy pop. Cost 25 cents, and took me over an hour to finish. Mmmm)

We didn’t want to go to Levitz becuase they really screwed with us when we tried to get a cushion cover replaced last year. So we ended up at Raymour and Flanagan. And about an hour later, we purchased our first bedroom set! 🙂 We have delivery scheduled for 5/15…the day after settlement. Ooo! Ooo! How exciting!

The Wings won their last home game of the season last night, and MomandI had a great time. Today we’re hanging out at home. I’m having dinner at Panera tonight w/Mom while Thor head to bed in prep for work tonight.

I’ve cancelled my Horizons subscription and am uninstalling it now. I found the gameplay boring and the graphics were choppy no matter what video card I used. Adios, Istaria.

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