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The deed is done

May 18, 2004

The deed is done! (but won’t be processed by the county for 6-8 weeks)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present…T—–e Terrace!

ooo! aaah!!

The mortgage signing (Friday, 5/14) went very smoothly. I took pictures (naturally), and our enthusiasm was only tempered by the sadness of the sellers. They were the original owners of the house, and after 40-odd years, they were reluctant to move out. They planted the two Apple trees that tower over our yard. Mr. Seller’s hand shook as he signed the papers. Mrs. Seller clasped my arm before she left as she reminded me to clean the dryer’s lint filter every time I use it. After 3 kids and 5 grandkids, they only sold the house because the stairs were becoming difficult for them. After 3 days of lugging boxes up and down those stairs, I could empathize.


That night, Thor and I took a few things over from the apartment, but the bulk of the moving didn’t happen until Saturday morning. The movers were scheduled to arrive at 9:30 am, but they arrived at 7:30 am. Fortunately, Thor was awake. Unfortunately, I was not, and had to leap into my day harried and unprepared.


Our bedroom furniture was larger than we thought, and we had to juggle a bit to get it to fit. One of the nightstands is next to me as I type this, and is now a printer stand.

Our sectional sofa was shipped incorrectly. They sent two “left” pieces. The delivery man called Raymour and Flanagan and arranged to have the “right” piece delivered tonight. Tonight’s delivery man informed us that the first delivery man was wrong; we were shipped two “right” pieces. Naturally, because of the first man’s error, tonight R&F delivered an additional “right” piece. No word yet on when the left piece will arrive. The sectional is in separate pieces. Looks like Picasso decorated our living room.

hidden mickeys

Our first priority was arranging the kitchen. Cabinets are white and almond, floor is Pergo, wallpaper (any room that doesn’t have dark wood paneling has wallpaper) is blue and white. So our Gourmet Mickey kitchen accessories fit perfectly with the decor. (How many Mickey things can you find in the above picture?) We bought the window panel from Target.

a star

CookieCam fans will recognize the Gourmet Mickey beanie above. See my Mickey Mouse bookend? 🙂 Hmmm…I wonder how I’ll manage CookieCam this year?

doubledoor fridge

I always thought that refrigerators that dispensed ice and water from the door were the coolest. (No pun intended) Yep…my hunches were confirmed. I can’t consume ice fast enough to keep up with the fridge. (See the Mickey Mouse dish towel and perpetual calendar?)

Comcast brough the wrong cable box — I ordered DVR. Half of the telephone jacks don’t work. And the first day we moved in, 2 circuit breaker thingies literally melted.

But I’m the happiest, luckiest girl in the world. I am a homeowner! 🙂

Still with me?

Yeah…long-winded post, but I wanted to put up some pictures of the house as we make it our own. After rambling on about it to you for months now, it’s the least I can do. But I don’t want to wrap up without a YOOOOOOOOUGE shoutout to those who left comments. Thank you so much!! Some of you I knew…some of you are new to me! (And some didn’t comment, but emailed instead. Cool!) My biggest fear was that NOBODY would comment. Then I’d look even dorkier than I feel. Like throwing a party and noone showing up. I’m working on the comment pages to make them nicer-looking. (Peppermint Tina, I’ll get you my addy tonight – dunno what I can barter back to you, though!)

Now should I unpack more boxes, or play City of Heroes for a bit? Hmmm…

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