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Homeowner to be!

May 14, 2004

Well…today we buy our house! Which is mostly why you haven’t heard from me this past week. 🙂

SO exciting. Wheels are in motion now; starting with the historic disconnection of our telephone at 6am. Blonde that I am, I thought it was disconnecting at 6pm. D’oh!
I’m bringing the digital camera along today, so I hope to have some photos of the historic signing to share with you. If the seller’s lawyer doesn’t object. (rolls eyes)

Oh yeah…I’m off from work today and Monday. I took more time off for this move than I did for CHRISTMAS. My little spring break!

Final walk through is at 9:00. Signing/closing/settlement is at 10:30. And my little family will go hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt. Yay!

This is something I’ve looked forward to for a LONG time. Y’know…31’s been a pretty good to me so far!

Site update
Individual posts of mine now have their own pages, which I’m not fond of, but is something I had to do to get Blogger’s comments up and running. There will be broken elements on those pages. I know about them. I’ll fix them once I get settled. I should be back online by tomorrow night, but I suspect I’ll have so many things keeping me busy that my broken tags will be last on my mind.

Finally, I’ve added comments to the blog. I’ve always been on the fence as far as comments go. I will wield my moderator stick mightily. No nastiness, please. Not to me, not to each other. If you’re a Blogger user, you can use your username and password to ‘log in’ to comment. If you’re not a Blogger user, your post will be tagged ‘anonymous’ so feel free to sign your name (if you want) inside of your post.

And…um…please comment to this post. If I receive NO comments, I’ll feel unloved. 🙂

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