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Our Adventureland bathroom

Once upon a time we had a lovely half-bathroom downstairs. And then we got a puppy! We decided that when we went to work we’d have him stay in the bathroom, because it was larger than a crate and he’d have room to run around.

It worked out really well … until one day it didn’t. Murphy started howling as soon as I’d put him in there. And while we were gone, he dug into the drywall and clawed into the door trim trying to get out. Something happened in that bathroom that upset him. We don’t know what, but the bathroom was no longer an option. It wasn’t healthy for the bathroom but much more importantly, it wasn’t healthy for Murph.

Puppies aren’t always easy but they are always worth it.

Turns out, Murphy is a crate-loving dog. We borrowed a larger crate for downstairs, filled it with a blanket and toys and Murphy happily trots inside every day when I get my coat. (Ollie, our best boy, is still free to roam the house.) He dozes in it on his own while we watch TV at night. I thought crate-loving dogs were a myth like the runner’s high or children who give to charities without parental prompting. I was wrong!

This left us with a happier pup but still a damaged bathroom. WM patched the drywall and filled in the gouged wood. We took the gate down. And then it was time to paint. Our house is decorated in a very subtle Disney theme. We have a lot of stuff hanging around from our various visits. Which is how we ended up with an Adventureland themed bathroom!

WM painted the walls with the leftover Whispering Wheat paint from the office. He painted the trim a deep green. I wasn’t 100% on board with that color at first but it really grew on me. We replaced the plain white blinds with a wooden shade. So far so good.

A wooden shade.

And then we went a little nuts. We found some attraction posters to frame. We bought bamboo shelves from Amazon (KIM PRIME!) and put some of our Magic Kingdom souvenirs on it.

AND THEN WE HUNG A FAKE PARROT FROM THE CEILING to pay homage to the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Most little birdies will fly away, but the Tiki Room birds are here every day!

There’s one more thing we’re waiting to do (we are waiting for the perfect thing on eBay) and then we’re done.

Make two things: we need a new door, an essential for a bathroom. Murphy locked it one day and WM needed to drill into it to get it open. (This was not the mysterious event.)

Puppies aren’t always easy, but they’re always worth it.

Currently, still exhausted homeowner edition

Reading: Gulp by Mary Roach. I’m at 86% and should be finishing up tomorrow. I’m at the gripping fecal transplant chapter. I’ll post this month’s batch of books on Tuesday.

Watching: Hallmark Christmas movies!

DIY-ing: Remember that IKEA table I had waaaayyy back in 2006 when I moved into my Dee-Luxe Apartment in the sky? I want a wood table for the craft room but the ones I want are hundreds of dollars. So during my weekly trip to Home Depot, I bought a roll of wood print shelf paper and wrapped the red legs.

Not so shabby.

WM did a fabulous job painting our office. We chose the color that was in our second Dee-luxe apartment in the sky – Whispering Wheat. It looks nice and cozy!

Snuggling: With this dooshbag (sic), who was professionally groomed for the first time yesterday and was WORN OUT.


He earned an A+ from the groomer, and when she told me I replied, “My dog, right? Murphy?”

Currently, exhausted homeowner edition

Reading Al Franken, Giant of the Senate. I’m enjoying his outsider’s perspective on running for a Senate seat and his experiences working in DC. I was inspired to switch my party affiliation to the Democrats, but then Donna Brazile had to be Donna Brazile and I changed my mind. I’ll remain a member of my currently-also-batshit-crazy third party and wait until the DNC grows up a bit more.

Tuesday is election day, so get out and vote. Hate what’s going on? Hit up your local races. Loving The Donald? Go do the same. Me? Eight years ago I voted Chris Christie into office and indirectly inflicted him on the rest of you. (Eight years ago he was a completely different man.) Tuesday I’ll vote for not-Kim-Guadango and try to right the ship of state.

Her opponents for Governor and Lieutenant Governor are named Murphy and Oliver and I need one of those signs for the garage once this election’s done. GO VOTE! GO VOTE!

Beaming with pride over the little home improvment projects I’ve been working on. My crone room is really shaping up now that I’m moving things back in. The color looked a bit strong in an empty room but it’s becoming much more warmer and inviting now. I purchased curtains from Walmart – $5/panel – and my next step is to get a new craft table to replace the old Ikea one I have.

Two years ago when we moved in, the old owners left a bunch of shelving materials in the guest room closet. But no closet rod. Last week I bought a rod and this week (with an assist from WM) I took up a drill and installed it all. Not only does it look good, it’s level!

Framing photos. I have a lot of framed photos in the house. Every fall, I go through the last year’s photo backup and pick a bunch of new ones to add to the frames. I upload them to Target and grab the prints during my next trip there. It’s a lot better setup than when I used to try and print my own photos. Screw the expensive inks and photo paper.

Drinking my first Starbucks holiday drink of the year. (Salted caramel mocha.) I’m one of those people who are completely fine ignoring Thanksgiving and going to Christmas. Soon I’ll be freezing cookie dough for December!

Struggling to stay awake. The clock changes mess me up big time. It feels like it should be midnight.

Losing — yeah yeah…you know the drill.

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