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Total surprise. We were getting to leave for our Segway tour of Epcot’s World Showcase when Thor popped this box out of his pocket. Six diamonds plus eight sapphires (my birthstone) make for one puddly Gypsy.

We were the first people to arrive at Epcot today – at 7:40am. The tour started at 8:15 w/the mandatory waiver signing. Then, we spent about an hour learning how the Segways worked. The biggest challenge was trusting that it would keep you upright. Soon, we were so comfortable with it that it was easy to take our hands from the handbars.

Turning is accomplished by operating a switch with your left thumb. It turns around within it’s own ‘footprint’ so it’s easy to slalom through tight places. Or around people.

On the second half of the tour, we got to Segway our way around World Showcase. It was an incredible experience. Pictures forthcoming when I get home.

(thing I discovered that I forgot today: camera battery charger)

Send good thoughts to my Mom please…she’s having to care for Max the thug-dog while we’re gone.

Tonight: anniversary dinner at our favorite WDW restaurant – Le Cellier.

Updated 3/20/17: I still have this ring.


So today I hop on the scale…for the first DNW since … a while … and I was in at 158.8. Sweet Merciful Crap! That’s about 3 down from what I last TOLD you I weighed. On a hunch, I grabbed a pair of slacks from the far part of the closet. Slipped them on. They fit well. Size 10, baby!

I’m deep in love with Thursday night TV again. Survivor and The Apprentice. Yum! Of course I’ll HAVE to start with The Amazing Race now since Rob and Amber are going to participate.

We bought World of Warcraft…but it hasn’t really snagged me like it has everyone else. I have a free month to play and try it out. Maybe I’ll get hooked. If not, meh. Sometimes I think the Internet is sucking up way too much of my life anyway.

Added 3/20/17: 12 years later I am still playing World of Warcraft. Suffice it to say, it hooked me.

Forgive me my idle redundant ramblings…it’s what I do. 🙂

Onto today:
Breakfast: Yogurt smoothie (80 cal), Mozzarella cheese stick (90 cal)
Mid-Morning Snack: (this helps oodles with managing the appetite) Sugar-free Jello (10 cal)
Lunch: Quiznos Sierra Turkey on flatbread (350 on a roll, I’ll guess 275 for flatbread)
Drive-Home Snack: 1 bag SmartFood white cheddar popcorn (100 cal)
Dinner: 1 cup pasta (200 cal), 1/2 cup gravy (100 cal), 1 slice wheat bread (65 cal)
Dessert: 1 Silhouette Ice Cream Sandwich (130 cal)

1050 total…I’ll have another cheese stick before bed to pull me over the 1100 mark. Tomorrow’s Donut Day and I want to make sure I can have one sensibly.

Because if one wants to wear one of these this summer, one must be svelte. 😉

Nanowrimo Tumble Dry update


My novel, Tumble Dry is now at 30,355 words. To finish by midnight on 11/30, I need to write 2455 words a day. I’m going to shoot for 2500 – 3000 since I want to cushion a bit to account for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Also, to make me triple-paranoid going into work tomorrow, I realized that I had a mini-project, really just an emailed list of site-related things, due on Friday. I delegated that work off, so hopefully tomorrow morning, it’ll be done and I can send it in right away with my apologies. Good thoughts, please.

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