Friday 5: What Ails ‘Ya

September 15, 2017

Happy freaking Friday. Today WM got paid for the first time since June and thusly I am walking around like this:

Or this:

We did okay this summer budget-wise and would have completely aced it if it weren’t for Murphy’s neuter and Molly’s 4 new tires. We didn’t budget for either of those. Oh, my computer’s hard drive died on Labor Day, but I hit up the emergency savings for that because my soul dies if I don’t have a big beefy desktop computer. I probably could have just purchased a hard drive but this computer lasted about 6 years, so I got my money’s worth out of it. I harvested the memory cards and the hard drive. I popped the hard drive into an external case and managed to save a lot of my old files INCLUDING my cherished blog font. I guess just the boot sector was bad?


Anyway, it’s time for the Friday 5. The theme this week is What Ails ‘Ya. Le’s get to it!

1. How do you treat a bad case of the Mondays?

I almost always work from home on Mondays so I’m kind of exempt from them. And a “case of the Tuesdays’ makes me sound too fragile. But if I’m feeling a case of “ugh I don’t want to leave my house to go to work” I make sure I don’t have plans after work so I can go directly home.

2. How do you fight off a case of the blahs?

I sit in the sunshine. Which is a problem when the days grow shorter.

3. How do you deal with a bad hair day?

Now that it’s back to medium-length, I pull it into a bun. My hair’s seriously thick so buns work nicely.

4. What’s your strategy for FOMO?

I don’t have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and I wonder if it’s a generational thing. Maybe because I grew up in an era when we didn’t know everything that was going on until it was about to happen or had happened. I think back to how many times I’d idly see on the evening local news program that such-and-such’s concert sold out when tickets went on sale that morning. Now, thanks to Facebook, I know about almost every local Fall/Harvest festival going on in a 30 mile radius. I’m going to miss some of them, but I’m okay with it.

5. How prone are you to Instagram envy?

Not very, although relatedly I often wonder how some bloggers afford the trips and purchases they do. Four kids, one income, monthly trips.

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  • scrivener September 16, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    I hadn’t thought of the sunshine thing for the blahs, but of course you’re right. I’ll take a short walk, or just sit in the sun. If it’s feasible, I go to the beach. I’m a creature of the night, but I still love me some sunny sunshine. I wish I’d answered that.

  • Dr. D. September 20, 2017 at 6:52 am

    I got a little weak in the knees when you started talkin’ about external HD cases and “boot sectors” 😉

    • Kimberly September 25, 2017 at 5:34 am

      (waggles eyebrows)