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Friday 5: Who Put the Pomp in the Pomp Bah Pomp Bah Pomp?
Friday 5: Minding your Peeves and Qs
Friday 5: Aloon Again, Naturally

Friday 5: Who Put the Pomp in the Pomp Bah Pomp Bah Pomp?

Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?

This week’s mood. I appreciate that St. Patrick was over my shoulder while I ate.

That’s going to be in my head all night…

Happy Friday! I worked from home today which means that this afternoon I worked from the patio chair in the back yard. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

Both dogs had vet appointments. Murphy received FIVE shots on Monday to start his journey as an adult dog. Ollie went back last night to get his ears looked at again. For those who care about dog ear infections, the yeast count is way down but one ear is STILL inflamed, so we’re switching him to a steroid ear drop for a month. Then he’ll go back to the vet. If the inflammation remains, he’ll stay on the steroid drops once or twice a week forever. His sore neck doesn’t seem as sore, so he’s coming off of the pain meds. If he’s tender in the neck again, he’ll go back on, and pain management might be his new reality. His followup is in a month. The goal here is to get his ears clear so he can get his teeth cleaned/extracted because they are causing pain as well. Once all that is finished, he’ll be quite the refurbished pooch.

And we’ll probably have to sell the backyard to carnies in order to make the mortgage. Good thing we don’t have a HOA.

Who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop? Read More

Friday 5: Minding your Peeves and Qs

My first splash through the Dillworth park fountain.

Happy Friday! You’re reading the blog of the only person in South Jersey who is thrilled that it’s been in the high 80s the last few days. I’ve been in shorts and tank tops, drinking Sam Adams Summer Ale, and sitting outside after work until dark. We’re reverting to more springlike temps tomorrow but I enjoyed this taste of July!

This week I had to be more self-assertive than usual. That’s never been a natural skill for me, but I have GOT to say that it’s getting easier the older I get. What they say bout having less effs to give after 40? Completely true. Time to move from Princess to General.

I found this on The Mary Sue, but I don’t know the creator.

This weekend has more yard work on tap. My sunflowers are starting to sprout, and if WM can get the other planter done for me I’ll plant some flowers too. I’ll also stop at the library to switch out some books. The monthly Show Us Your Books roundup is Tuesday so stay tuned for that. And maybe I’ll work on one or two of the half-dozen blog drafts I have sitting in the queue.


Time for the Friday 5! This week’s theme is Minding your Peeves and Qs. Let’s get to it!

1. What’s one of your language-related (that is, something people say or write) pet peeves?

Improper word choice. Between/among. Less/fewer. There/their/they’re.
And in the interest of fair play, I hate how often I use the word “so” in my own writing.

2. What’s one of your dining-out-related pet peeves?

The check being handed to WM instead of being placed on the table between us. Relatedly, when I place my card with my very female-coded name on it in the billfold and the server returns the slip to WM to sign. It’s 2018.

3. What’s one of your technology-related pet peeves?

When I’m trying to read a news story online and there’s an video that autoplays, and even after I pause it, the video drops to the of the page when I scroll down. Stop it! It is quicker for me to read the damn article than to watch your crappy video.

Second place is being hit with the ask to fill out a feedback survey while I’m still shopping on a site. No.

4. What’s one of your television-watching pet peeves?

Watching an NBC program and seeing Jimmy Fallon smarm his way onto the lower third of my screen to promote The Tonight Show. It’s his stupid “oh hey I’m wacky and omg you guys I have celebrities on my show and I never close my mouth ever” expression that irks me. And I can’t even Tweet my displeasure with him because he’s probably read it on the air and then I’d get swarmed with Fallonite defenders.

5. What’s something you do that you know peeves others?

I’m positive my nailbiting grosses people out. You know what’s interesting about that? Even with all the times I unknowingly put my fingers in my mouth, I don’t get sick any more often than my family, friends, and coworkers. I might have chewed-on fingers, but I have a killer immune system!

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday 5: Aloon Again, Naturally

Happy Friday, happy Friday the 13th and happy birthday to my sister-in-law!

I returned from Austin yesterday with a brain full of knowledge, a belly full of BBQ, and a phone full of photos. It was a FANTASTIC trip and I’d definitely go back. I’ll resize the photos this weekend and see if I can get something online Monday.

This dude had a double-ear infection AND a mouth infection AND broke a nail. He’s better now.

This conference happened at the same time as TNP’s Annual Conference. The office is closed today so people can travel back to Philadelphia and recover. I spent most of my upright hours cleaning the yard of dog poop and broken branches from the umpty-dozen winter storms we had. I can’t believe I still have frigging trees yet. I also unearthed a birdbath underneath the ivy in the back of the yard. (Murphy is trampling the ivy to death. Good dog!) I can’t even lift the bowl part to put on the pedestal. No idea what to do with it.

Time for the Friday 5. This week’s theme is “Aloon Again, Naturally.”

On with the show this is it!

1. With which Looney Tunes character do you have the most in common?
I feel like Granny, but I’m going with Slowpoke Rodriguez, the slowest mouse in all of Mexico. “Despite his seeming physical deficiency, Slowpoke proves himself to be very cunning and virtually smart as Speedy is fast. ”

2. Who or what are your metaphorical Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote?
Erm, I’m not sure, but I’m going to declare right here that Road Runner is by far my favorite Looney Tune character. I was amazed to find out that so many adults hate him, just because he always wins. Nobody seems to remember that he’s running for his life, because that batty self-declared genius is trying to eat him. Let’s hear it for my boy.

meep meep, bitches

3. What’s up, doc?

The World’s Blackest Paint is called Vantablack 2.0, and if I ever get my mitts on it, I’m going to use it to paint a fake tunnel entrance on every brick wall I see. If you want to fall into a d-bag rabbit hole, go searching for news stories on the blackest black, the pinkest pink, and the glitteriest glitter.

4. When did you last hear some opera music?
Probably the last time I was in the car with WM. His Sirius stations of choice veer toward classical. Mine is Margaritaville. Relatedly, our first ‘date’ was in October 2006 when we went to see Bugs Bunny on Broadway. This Friday 5 is making me smile.

5. What’s a good life lesson you learned from Looney Tunes?
Me: Being a genius doesn’t automatically mean you’re bright.
WM: Never look down.

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