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Friday 5: Questions created very quickly late Friday morning and answered on Saturday

Oh, Internet. It’s been a week. A week of nonbloggable crap. It’ll get blogged eventually, but not yet. It’s not my story to tell.

This week. Oh, this week. (Disaster courtesy of Murphy.)

Plus I think the country is 1970s-level of broken right now, and I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

I’m currently watching a presentation on QVC (my guilty pleasure) for Dynatrap Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap. The hosts are avoiding using the words “kill” and “die” which is entertaining me immensely. Bugs are “trapped,” “captured,” and “expire.”

This week’s Friday 5 theme is … well it’s themeless, which is just about fine. Let’s get to it!

1. What are you reading?
Currently nothing. I suddenly stopped reading books in April, and I don’t know why. I’d say it coincided with the arrival of the puppy, but I usually read on the train. Lately, I sit on the train with my eyes closed, listening to music. I miss reading! Maybe I should look for a fluffy beach read.

2. What are you listening to?
Thanks to this MetaFilter post I’m cruising through Joni Mitchell, Cass Elliot, and Mary Travers songs.

3. Anything amusing or strange happen to you recently?


4. What’s cookin’?

I have turkey meatballs in the crockpot and plan on a bunch of bulk cooking tomorrow.

5. What was your contribution to your most recent potluck?

My default spring/summer contribution is a fruit salad. My default holiday contribution is green bean casserole.

Friday 5: Tiny gestures

Happy Friday! This is my first Summer Friday of the year!

At TNP we can have every other Friday off during the summer as long as we make up the extra hours in advance. It is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


This morning I took Ollie to the vet for a shot and was lectured about his weight. I love my vet office, but a quarter of the techs love to make you think you’re the worst pet owner ever. Yes, the dog is heavy. He’s always been. Yes, we do measure his food and hold back on treats. Yes, his head’s tilted as a result of nasty back-to-back ear infections. Yes, we cleaned out his ears regularly before the infection. Can we have the shot now?

And after all of that, they gave me a giant “Happy Birthday” dog treat for him. (mind boggle)

I had a cup of coffee outside in the sunshine, mailed a package at the post office, had a slice of pizza and am ready to go back outside with a book.


But first, the Friday 5! This week’s topic is Tiny Gestures. Let’s get to it!

1. What might you put in a small, pretty glass bottle as a romantic gift to someone?
A tiny love letter, rolled into a scroll.

2. Someone you care very much for is leaving for a long time but will be back. What small object (not a photo) might you give him or her to remember you by?
When WM and I were in our long-distance relationship I sent him Kronk, the bear I sleep with. Kronk stayed with him until he moved back here. I still can’t believe that was 10 years ago.

3. If you were to leave a small mark in your current residence, as lasting evidence that you lived there, what would you leave, and where would you leave it?
I would find one of the studs and woodburn our initials into it. What could possibly go wrong?

4. What would you like to toss into the fires of Mount Doom?

All of The Carpenters’ albums. Maybe the world would be a more cheerful place without all of those dirges in it. I had a post about how much I hate The Carpenters, but it didn’t make it over to the new blog from the old. (I lost about 150 posts in transit. I still have the database so I can manually add them back in, but as time passes …. nah.

You know what? My Carpenters post deserves to live again, so I reposted it here. Sleepy-ass music.

5. Those adopt-a-star things are gimmicky rip-offs, but if they weren’t, and someone gave you one as a gift, what would you name it?

Gimmicky rip-offs? No…(quick google search) Aw, man. Is nothing sacred? I blame The Carpenters. Now that I know it’s a sham, I’d name a star Patrick.

Enjoy the weekend! Play happy music!

Friday 5: Straight no chaser

Happy June! Happy almost-summer! Sweet, sweet summer, my favorite time of year. Sunshine, corn, beer, and peaches for months. Bring it. (huffs Noxzema)

We’re going to go to the NJ Renaissance Fair this weekend. Today looks like misery out, so maybe we’ll aim for tomorrow. I could stand to pick up the house a bit, and we also need to come up with a solution for the gap in the back fences before Murphy finds it and heads for the hills. We have a stack of cinderblocks to keep Ollie in, but Murph’s a LOT leapier. I need to order a dress from eShakti for some fancy weddings I’m going to this summer. I’ve had my tape measure out for days and absolutely no desire to measure myself. eShakti is a good site, but shipping takes a while, so I need to get this ball rolling.

Yesterday in strange internet news, I was followed by 2 fake Twitter accounts. Both of them used pictures of Douglas Fraser as their profile picture. Is this … is this the way people think I can be catfished? By using silver fox retired military dudes? I’m not sure what to even think about that.

I also learned how to tell who watches your Snapchat stories. Handy info. I’ll keep an eye out for General Fraser (Ret).

Welcome to the Saturday version of the Friday 5! (womp womp) Last night I came home and an hour later went back out again to celebrate WM’s birthday with the family (postponed due to Vegas and food poisoning.) We each had ONE BEER and as a result, came home and passed out in the living room. Long live middle age!

This week’s Friday 5 theme is Straight No Chaser. Let’s get to it!

1. What keeps you on the straight and narrow?
Hm. That’s a toughie. I try to be a forthright person. I try to do the right thing, but when I mess up (and I do, often) I admit I was wrong, I apologize, and I fix it. I guess you could say that’s my personal code. That, and this:

2. Who in your life is a real straight shooter?
That would be WM. He’s a very honest dude.

3. How straight are your teeth and hair?
My upper teeth are straight and in very good shape except for the missing tooth. The tentative date for the end of my dental implant journey is June 26! I had impressions done on Tuesday for the crown. I don’t want to get excited but it will be so nice not to be wearing the flipper anymore. My lower teeth are an ugly nightmare, but at this point I have no interest in straightening them. No touchie the teeth.

My hair? Getting frizzier by the day. At least in the summer I can use the humidity excuse.

4. What’s a good song with the word straight in its lyrics or title?
Paula Abdul’s Straight Up. (Straight up now tell me are ya gonna love me forever? Oh oh oh…or are we stuck in a hit and run?)

5. What’s something that needs straightening?

My laundry situation. Cripes. We had a crazy couple of weeks and I am down to my undesirable underwear. That needs to change this weekend.

Happy weekend!

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