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Friday 5: Homecoming

Happy Friday!

Just another day with a puppy.

Today was my last Summer Friday of the season. (Boooo!) And it rained most of the morning (BOOOO!) so no beach for me. Bah.

Instead, we went to see The Hitman’s Bodyguard. It was okay. I went in expecting a comedy and got a HEAPING side of violence and genocide. The funny parts were funny, Samuel L. Jackson continues to be a national treasure. and the big recliners offset any disappointment.

And then we went to the library to return my books, which I forgot at home. (BOOOOOOO!)
My sourdough starter was a bust. I tried to make a leaven with it last night. The leaven is supposed to be all bubbly and float. No bubbles. No float. (BOOOOOOOOOOO!) It also developed some sour-smelling fermented liquid. I’ll reevaluate my methodology and try again. I already spent $10 on an artisan bread proofing basket – can’t turn back now!


And now it’s time for the Friday 5 — this week the theme is Homecoming. Let’s get to it!

1. What’s the crime like in your neighborhood?

Low, low, low. Once a year a house gets broken into. Sometimes a poltical sign gets yanked from a yard. Literary Lane is a very quiet enclave of beautifully boring suburbia. While I still miss the DeeLuxe Apartment in the Sky, the crime there was rising every year. The last year we lived there, someone in our building — ON OUR FLOOR — was stabbed. And three floors down, someone was murdered.

2. If you could have attended one of those high schools with a specific academic focus, such as performing arts, studio arts, sustainability, science and technology, international languages and diplomacy, or some option you thought of yourself, which would you have chosen when you were thirteen?

When I was 13, I wanted to be a lawyer and eventually a Senator, so I would have gone to the international languages & diplomacy school for sure. Even though my jobs now skew STEM-ward, I was never ever a STEM kid.

3. What was memorable about a party you remember from high school?

I went to some Sweet Sixteen parties, but they were a far cry from what they are now. Mostly basement parties or occasionally a hall. At one of them, I danced with the boy who would become my first boyfriend. The song was “Always” by Atlantic Starr. (sips Ensure, sits on rocker and reminisces)

4. Which of your older relatives is (or was) the handsomest or prettiest?

My super-distant cousin George O’Dowd has always been very distinctively attractive.

5. What was homecoming like at your high school? How did you feel about it?

Homecoming was a football game on Thanksgiving weekend against the high school on the other side of town. My disinterest for football combined with my distinct lack of social skills and popularity in high school meant that I gave no craps about homecoming. I think I went once in my 4 years there. My school didn’t even have a homecoming dance until 2008!

Friday 5: Scattergories O

Happy Friday, dears. It was a good workweek, probably the most productive and accomplished I’ve had in a long while. It felt good. Young Murphy had his neuter on Tuesday, and the day after forking out all that cash, I walked out to this.

Womp womp.

So there’s another stack of hundreds out the door. And you know what? I’M DONE WITH THIS SUMMER. Bring on the pumpkins, bring on the chunky knits, I’m done.

Time for the Friday 5 — this week’s theme is Scattergories, which I’ve done a few times before, but some of the posts didn’t make it through ye olde blog migration. This year my randomly-selected letter is …

The letter O!

Found via The Muppet Mindset

1. What’s something gross whose name begins with the letter?

Olives. To me, olives are on the same revulsion-level as celery. If there is the tiniest chunk of olive in a salad or dish, I can taste it even before I put it in my mouth. The foulness of olives taints all food around them. Gross.

2. What’s something crunchy whose name begins with the letter?

Onions. When I was in Seattle in July (I never blogged about that, THERE’S A POST!) one of our friends shared a recipe that was basically a hollowed out onion, filled with a bouillon cube and butter, and baked until it practically falls apart. It was not crunchy, but I ate bowlfuls of that stuff. I still talk about it. I drool about it. And once the Blessed drama-free season of FALL rolls in, I’m going to turn my oven on and bake some onions.

3. What’s something (or who is someone) you wouldn’t mind hugging whose name begins with the letter?

Okieriete Onaodowan, who originated the roles of Hercules Mulligan/James Madison in Hamilton, which I will eventually see without being extorted into buying two years worth of subscriptions to the Kimmel Center. Oak looks completely huggable. Plus if we were keeping score, I’d get 2 points for nailing the first AND last names.

4. What’s something whose name begins with the letter and can be found on a passenger airplane?

Oxygen masks. Put yours on first before assisting others. WM says “obnoxious husband.”

5. What’s something (whose name begins with the letter) you could purchase at a hardware store?

How about an on/off switch? Yes, that’s stretching a bit. Relatedly, last week (before I knew we’d need tires) I purchased some Hue light bulbs to go with our Amazon Echo. I get a little frisson of joy every time I ask Alexa to turn on the lights and it works. This is the future I dreamed of in the 80s and I even get a little throwback threat of global nuclear war!

I’m going to comfort myself now by snuggling a dog.

Friday 5: In your head! In your head!

Happy Friday. Today was one of my Summer Fridays off from work AND it was sunny AND THINGS are mildly under control so for the first time this summer, I went to the beach.

A few years ago I went to Margate, NJ for the day on a whim and it was a beach gamechanger. Mostly because I don’t have to take the Garden State Parkway to get there. It takes me a whopping hour and 20 minutes to go from driveway to beach chair.


Because there is no boardwalk, it’s a lot less crowded than other South Jersey beaches. Ocean City will always have my heart, but it’s so crowded and people seem to be taking more and more space. Me? I travel with a beach bag and a chair. No beachspreading here.

Gah. It’s beautiful. I was there from 10:30 to 1:30, read some more of Console Wars, had a snack, and got some color. All without having people closer than 10 feet to me. I have one more Summer Friday in 2 weeks. If the sun shines, then you’ll know where to find me.

I also got to see my Favorite Kid today, which is always a highlight.

And now for the Friday 5. Today’s them is In Your Head, In Your Head and …



DAMMIT that’s just cruel, Scrivener. 😉

1. Which mythical monster would you most enjoy discovering (first- or second-hand) is real?

Definitely the Loch Ness Monster. Big, rare, sea-bound and far away from me. WM says Sasquatch.

2. When did you last exhibit monstrous behavior?

I don’t want to pat myself on the back, but I’ve been trying really, REALLY hard to be a pleasant person, so I don’t remember last time I really lashed out in anger. (I’ve defended myself, but that doesn’t count.) A couple years, maybe? The downside of that is if you’re typecast as a pleasant person, even the smallest negative gesture or even a raised voice will be interpreted as snapping at someone. Maybe I should be meaner?

3. What do you think of monster trucks?

I guess they’re okay. I saw some at a NJ raceway maybe 20 or so years ago and all I remember is being coated in a layer of dirt by the time we left. Relatedly, Monster Jam is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and Grave Digger is STILL a player.

4. If you like monster movies, what’s a monster movie you dislike? And if you dislike them, what’s a monster movie you like?

Not a fan of monster movies, but Sharktopus was an absolute delight. WM is a fan of monster movies, but dislikes the alien movie subgenre.

And also, Sharktopus had a great theme song!

5. What song about a monster (or with the word monster in the title) do you really like?

THIS was a struggle, but I’m going to go with One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater, and to try to cleanse my brain of the frigging CRANBERRIES THANK YOU FRIDAY 5 I’ll counter with the Chipmunks version.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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