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Friday 5: The Whole Trial Is Out of Order!

Happy Friday 5 on a Saturday! This is a day late because … wait for it … I went out again last night. This time was happy hour with my mom and my aunt who is recently back from a multi-year stint on Kwajalein Atoll. Go look it up. It’s very far away from New Jersey. It’s been an incredibly social week for me and is shaping up to be an incredibly social month.

I went back to work on Thursday to this…

cubicle decorated for birthday

My job is great! I hope it never changes!

and then 10 minutes later my A+, understanding, would-be-subordinate-to-him-again manager of 6.5 years told me that he’s leaving TNP at the end of the month. I spent the last two days like this:

beaker from the muppets

*insert endless meep*

And that’s that. Change is inevitable, even when things are going REALLY WELL DAMMIT.

Time for the Friday 5. This week’s theme is The Whole Trial is Out of Order! Let’s get to it.

4. What’s to look forward to in the fourth quarter of 2018?
We have a Walt Disney World trip coming up between now and the end of the year! I’m very excited. I went from going multiple times a year to going once every 2 years and that’s okay. A LOT changes in 2 years so we’re guaranteed to always see something new.

believe in something meme, related to Disney vacation costs

Found on Facebook. I’m not anti-Kaepernick.

2. What’s something at which you’d like a second chance?
If I was punished somehow by being returned to my freshman year of high school, I’d like another shot at the Qualitative Physical Science class that I dropped before the first quarter was out because I was getting a D. I was only 14 and thought a D would ruin my life. Now that I know it’s not the case, I wonder if it eventually would have clicked. Switching out of that class (and adjusting my schedule accordingly) meant that I fell out of sync with the small group of friends I had at the time.

1. What’s something in which you took first place?
Every family Easter Egg hunt from age 10 until the embarrassing age I stopped.

5. Who had an especially good fifth film, fifth book, or fifth album?
I’m drawing a blank on this one. I usually quit series early on because I get an “okay, I’m good with this franchise ending on this note” and walk away. It’s how I managed to quit watching Scandal after a few seasons. I’ll turn to WM for guidance, because he finishes EVERYTHING.

WM: Tom Waits’s fifth album is good. Blue Valentine. It has several good songs that I enjoy, up to and including Somewhere from West Side Story.
Me: Was Tom a Jet or a Shark?
WM: I don’t know. (continues on about Tom Waits and liking his original album best and that’s not really a thing that Tom Waits fans agree on)

3. When did you last feel like a third wheel?
Anytime I’m the woman in a conversation about kids. I often get the “but your dogs are your kids” which feels like being handed a consolation prize of Turtle Wax instead of a shiny sportscar with California emissions. I often think “certainly there is something else to talk about yes” but really it’s no. I’m not even hurt about it anymore. I have very well-waxed vehicles, though, so win-win.

Today it’s raining, which is autumn in New Jersey in a nutshell. Which is okay. I’ll have time to practice on my sewing machine which I haven’t done all summer because I’ve been outside. I’m trying to make reusable coffee cup sleeves. If that goes well, my next task is canvas shopping bags.

Friday 5: Lyrical gangsta

Happy Friday. I am tired, sick, sore, and grumpy. So let’s just cut to the chase.

The Friday 5 theme is: Lyrical Gangsta.

‘what makes u think i’m diggin a hole in ur yard?’

1. What’s a stupid lyric from a song you like?

Me: “Look for the purple banana ‘Til they put us in the truck, let’s go” from Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy.

WM: “Keep you warm like a sweater” from Rob Thomas’s “Hold Me Forever” which is an insipid song on it’s own but we love it.

2. What’s a pretty good lyric from a song you dislike?
Me: Another head hangs lowly / Child is slowly taken / And the violence caused such silence /Who are we mistaking? From The Cranberries’s “Zombie”

3. What’s a good non-Weird-Al-Yankovic lyric about food and drink?

Me: “Peaches come from a can, They were put there by a man In a factory downtown” from Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America

4. What’s a good song lyric to describe your week?
Me: “This is the song that never ends / Yes, it just goes on and on my friends.”

5. What’s a good song lyric about inclement weather?
Me: “Push the door, I’m home at last and I’m soaking through and through /Then you handed me a towel and all I see is you” from Dido’s Thank You.

The overall theme is from this song, which kicks me right back to nineteen ninety-too lazy to look up the yaer.

Good thoughts to you, Scrivener!

Friday 5: Repeat

Happy Friday! On Saturday. Yeah.

I’m glad this week is over, as Ollie had dental cleaning/extractions on Tuesday. This is the capstone of our multi-month effort to make Ollie feel better. He’s been suffering from ear infections and neck pain and Goopy Eye (that’s the official term I’m sure) and it included anesthesia.


He ended up having 5 more teeth extracted, on top of the 16 from a few years back. He’s on anti-inflammation and pain meds for a few more days and soft food for about a month. (although he did snorfle a piece of popcorn off of my lap just now).

I’m in the middle of a four day weekend. I took a whack of Mondays off in August and September to try and burn some PTO before the new fiscal year starts on October first. Yesterday I went to Margate for a few hours and soaked in the beauty.

I take the same picture every time and I don’t care.

Time for the Friday 5! This week’s theme is Repeat. Let’s get to it!

1. What’s something you are repeatedly asked to prove?
That I know what I’m talking about.

2. What’s an album you can listen to on endless repeat?
I’m very playlist-focused now. Other than the new DMB album, I guess the Hamilton soundtrack? Hamilton is FINALLY coming to Philadelphia next year and I’ve put WM on notice to hop on tickets if he sees them. They’ll go to theater subscribers first, but I can’t fathom sitting through Starlight Express and Our Town or effing CAROUSEL (sounds fun, very depressing) to get to see Hamilton.

3. What’s a story you’ve told several times?
I don’t know if I ever told it here, so here goes. Back in the spring of 1994, New Kids on the Block were on the tail end of their career. The had broken up with their boyband svengali/manager and they released a self-produced ‘edgy’ album called Face the Music and did a smallish theater/nightclub tour promote it. On April 1st, they performed at the TLA in Philadelphia. Before the show was also an autograph signing event at one of the malls in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. It wasn’t King of Prussia. By then my favorite NK had quit the group under the guise of “horseback riding injury” so only 4 were there. I brought this for them to sign, because it was the very first NKOTB thing that I purchased:

Mom found this of mine. I made this photo black and white because it is SO OLD!! #nkotb

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After waiting in a longish line, I got to the front. Donnie had Burger King chicken tenders and he was done with them. He jokingly asked if I wanted one. Me, never turning down food, said “SURE!!!” and he handed it to me. As I moved down the table, he asked if I wanted to dip it in the BBQ sauce. Me, never turning down food, said “SURE!!!” I reached forward, hand shaking to dip the tender. A security guard saw me and, thinking I was going to grab a New Kid, shoved me away and down the rest of the line. I fearfully popped the tender into my mouth, lest I be considered a food thief. The book was autographed and passed to me at the end. My then-BF was irritated that I had selfishly hogged the entire chicken tender and didn’t share.

4. What’s something you always order at a certain restaurant?
If you take me to the Cheesecake Factory, I will ALWAYS order the Crusted Chicken Romano. Always. There are a million copycat recipes out there and I’ve tried them, but they’re never as good.

5. In what way do you hope this weekend will be exactly like last?
I spent a lot of time last weekend sitting outside and reading. I’m hoping to get back out there for a little bit after dinner.

Enjoy your weekend!

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