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Lunch prep: Pesto Chicken

Firstly, my all-clear letter arrived. Huzzah! The boobs survive another year!

This summer I tried to be creative with the meals I made for my own lunches. In this last week before WM heads back to school and I start bulk baking chicken for the both of us (his end up in sandwiches, so I can’t really go crazy with veg and sides), I tried a pesto chicken dish. I pinned this one from

I decided to leave my pesto cubes frozen for when I don’t have any more fresh basil available. Since my basil plants are growing like gangbusters (although I should leave them alone for a few weeks) I made a half-batch of pesto for this recipe. It really looked great while cooking it.


And while it’s much oilier than I’d like for lunch, it’s really fragrant and tasty. I have four portions for this workweek. And look! They look almost like the original pin!

Four lunches

UGH that picture is irritating because of that nonmatching container. This is why I could never be a food blogger. (That, and cooking talent.) Let’s try it again.

Three matching containers

Last week’s Honey Lemon Chicken Bowls tasted great after cooking, but lost all of its flavor upon reheating. I was disappointed. I’ll try it one more time with more garlic and seasonings.


The entire mammogram, from paperwork to exit, took fifteen minutes. The imaging itself took seven.

I took 2 extra strength Tylenol an hour before and had no pain, just discomfort. But nothing crippling — the technician and I talked the entire time.

Mammogram LEWK for Fall 2018 features a cranberry tie top.

The test was free with WM’s insurance. He put me on his plan a few years ago for one year so I could have fertility tests done for cheap/free and I never went back to my own plan. People, I am clinging onto his health insurance like a barnacle with over-attachment issues. I opted for the 3D portion. It isn’t covered, but that is $60 and they won’t send a bill for at least a month.

If it’s good, I get a letter in a week. If it’s bad, I get a phonecall. Please Mr. Postman…deliver de letter the sooner de better…

And now to the TotalGym. Can’t break the streak…


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