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Atkins Day 18

And although this week I dipped down to a more-svelte 155.2, I’m now back up to 156.6 – only 3.4 lbs. lost. in 3 weeks. I find that disappointing. The only cheat I had was a half-fork of mashed potatoes last Friday.

Internet, I could have done this on my own with 99% less bacon and 25% more fun stuff. I’m going to come to the conclusion that this isn’t working for me. I am going to keep the frequent-small-snack portion of the plan, plus continue to eat out much less. I’m going to continue with the Curves and bowflex workouts. I don’t see why I can’t continue losing on my own, in my own way. Fitting into my size 10 pants again is hella nice.

And I AM getting a belly button ring in May. Losing some more will allow me to actually show it to people.

Anyway, this is my last workday before vacation. We leave for Vegas on Monday. 🙂 Let’s hope it’s a calm one, okay? Because my mind is 85% on vacation already. (sorry, Gannett overlords!)

Say my name!

Wt: 155.4 Still hanging on.

Despite all of my whining and complaining, I’m sticking with the low-carb for now. Primarily because I’m starting to feel some more room in my pants. My carb gram limit has increased to 25 a day, which is fine since I’ve had trouble reaching my 20 gram limit the first 2 weeks anyway.

So what do I eat in a normal day?

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with a tiny squirt of ketchup. (no more bacon — ugh — tired of bacon)
Morning snack: Mozzarella cheese stick and Atkins shake
Lunch:A slice of low-carb bread with low-carb peanut butter, a salad, and ‘dessert’ of either a serving of sugar-free jello or an Atkins bar.
Afternoon snack: Mozzarella cheese stick
Dinner: Tonight I’m going to cook up some shrimp.
Evening snack: 10-12 macadamia nuts – if I’m hungry

For exercise, I alternate going to Curves with working on the Bowflex, taking Sundays off.

So I’m eating more cooked food than I used to. (my dishwasher, it’s always full) I start the day off heavy with snacks, then taper off because I’m less hungry through the day. The cold that I caught on Friday seems to be leaving me already. (Better diet?) I want to eventually get myself off of the modified low-carb foods though. I mean…how hard would it really be for me to make my own Italian salad dressing?

That important stuff aside, I really want this dress. I have a nice tannish sweater that I could wear with it.

Let’s say you have a last name that’s a bit longer than usual, but still has a comfortable proportion of vowels and consonants.

Let’s say your last name was Burbermille.

It’s not a common name, that’s true. And the b’s and r’s can be a mouthful. But it is pronounced how it looks.

Yes: Bur. Burr.
No: Boor. Bewr. Boooooooor. Byoor. Burns. Boo. (there’s an r there!)

Yes: ber. (I mean really, else?)
No: buh. beer. bee. (there’s an r in there, too!) bers. (S? No S!)

Yes: mill.
No: Meal. Mile. Millie. (I can understand people not getting the silent ‘e.’ That’s a hard concept)

Yes: Burrbermill.
No: Boobermill. Burbermeal. Burbymill. Berbersmile. Burbermile.

Then again, the cashiers at the local grocery store (where they are trained to read your name off of the receipt to thank you) have it simplified down to a science. They finish packing the Burbermille’s grocery order and say,

“Thanks, Mrs. B.”

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