Atkins Day 18

March 31, 2006

And although this week I dipped down to a more-svelte 155.2, I’m now back up to 156.6 – only 3.4 lbs. lost. in 3 weeks. I find that disappointing. The only cheat I had was a half-fork of mashed potatoes last Friday.

Internet, I could have done this on my own with 99% less bacon and 25% more fun stuff. I’m going to come to the conclusion that this isn’t working for me. I am going to keep the frequent-small-snack portion of the plan, plus continue to eat out much less. I’m going to continue with the Curves and bowflex workouts. I don’t see why I can’t continue losing on my own, in my own way. Fitting into my size 10 pants again is hella nice.

And I AM getting a belly button ring in May. Losing some more will allow me to actually show it to people.

Anyway, this is my last workday before vacation. We leave for Vegas on Monday. 🙂 Let’s hope it’s a calm one, okay? Because my mind is 85% on vacation already. (sorry, Gannett overlords!)

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  • dr. dave March 31, 2006 at 10:30 pm

    RYN… yeah the problem with nanowrimo is that you have to make shit up. I can barely get out 1000 words of stuff I already KNOW!!

  • Tommy April 1, 2006 at 8:13 am

    Vegas rules! Give us some good stories! – but remember some of the stuff that happens in Vegas has to stay there!