So professional!

Wt: 155.4. Apparently I survived the Thursday and Friday luncheons, the Friday dinner, and yesterday’s Wings game unscathed. Now let’s see what the headcold does for me.

BvP and I just bought tickets to see the Body Worlds exhibit at the Franklin Institute. After being charged $1.00 for the privilege of printing our tickets at home, I received an email that begins with the following:

Dear Kimberly Turberville,

How you doin’? Thank you for your ticket purchase. For future reference, your order confirmation number is …

How you doin’? What the heck kind of business transactional greeting is that? I understand that the “How you doin'” campaign is used at the Wachovia Center (and other stadiums operated by Global Spectrum) as a customer service tool…but 1) The Franklin Institute is supposed to be better than that and 2) I think there’s a limit to informality, especially after one coughs up $50 in order to see dead plasticinized bodies.

I’m still jonesing to do something today, so I may take a jaunt to the National Constitution Center
to see the Ben Franklin exhibit. It’s only a quick train-trip away.

(that thumping sound you heard was BvP hurling himself down the basement steps, in hopes that broken bones will prevent me from taking him to the NCC)


  • I wish you could take pictures at the exhibit because I want to go very badly but I almost without the extra $100 for tickets and everything else it takes to march myself to the nearest exhibit. I’m sure it’s going to be fascinating.

  • Hey Kim,
    My daughter performed at the Wings half-time, she attened the Wings Angels dance clinic. You probably didn’t recognize her since I think the last time you saw her she was 6, she just turned 13.

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