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March 27, 2006

Wt: 155.4 Still hanging on.

Despite all of my whining and complaining, I’m sticking with the low-carb for now. Primarily because I’m starting to feel some more room in my pants. My carb gram limit has increased to 25 a day, which is fine since I’ve had trouble reaching my 20 gram limit the first 2 weeks anyway.

So what do I eat in a normal day?

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with a tiny squirt of ketchup. (no more bacon — ugh — tired of bacon)
Morning snack: Mozzarella cheese stick and Atkins shake
Lunch:A slice of low-carb bread with low-carb peanut butter, a salad, and ‘dessert’ of either a serving of sugar-free jello or an Atkins bar.
Afternoon snack: Mozzarella cheese stick
Dinner: Tonight I’m going to cook up some shrimp.
Evening snack: 10-12 macadamia nuts – if I’m hungry

For exercise, I alternate going to Curves with working on the Bowflex, taking Sundays off.

So I’m eating more cooked food than I used to. (my dishwasher, it’s always full) I start the day off heavy with snacks, then taper off because I’m less hungry through the day. The cold that I caught on Friday seems to be leaving me already. (Better diet?) I want to eventually get myself off of the modified low-carb foods though. I mean…how hard would it really be for me to make my own Italian salad dressing?

That important stuff aside, I really want this dress. I have a nice tannish sweater that I could wear with it.

Let’s say you have a last name that’s a bit longer than usual, but still has a comfortable proportion of vowels and consonants.

Let’s say your last name was Burbermille.

It’s not a common name, that’s true. And the b’s and r’s can be a mouthful. But it is pronounced how it looks.

Yes: Bur. Burr.
No: Boor. Bewr. Boooooooor. Byoor. Burns. Boo. (there’s an r there!)

Yes: ber. (I mean really, else?)
No: buh. beer. bee. (there’s an r in there, too!) bers. (S? No S!)

Yes: mill.
No: Meal. Mile. Millie. (I can understand people not getting the silent ‘e.’ That’s a hard concept)

Yes: Burrbermill.
No: Boobermill. Burbermeal. Burbymill. Berbersmile. Burbermile.

Then again, the cashiers at the local grocery store (where they are trained to read your name off of the receipt to thank you) have it simplified down to a science. They finish packing the Burbermille’s grocery order and say,

“Thanks, Mrs. B.”

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