I surfed over to in order to see what the hubbub was about. I uploaded this latest hostess photo to see which celebrity I most resemble, facial-structure wise.

Ava Gardner! What a boost to the self esteem! (I was afraid it would come up with Carrot Top.) Maybe I should start curling my hair and wearing some more lipstick.

Yeah…Ava was kind of nutty, but what a broad!

Also, yes, I’m in the middle of a redesign reorganization of the site. I have to touch up the sidebar, find some better fonts for the post titles, and come up with an About page and a colophon.


  • Clearly this thing is broken… Not that I don’t think you’re as hot or hotter than Ms. Gardner, but this Heritage thing pegged me for Cameron Diaz followed by Charlize Theron O.o …well, no, I’m not complaining per se, but clearly the software needs a little work. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was 3rd so I guess there’s some hope.

  • Hi Kimmie, Have a great vacation ( I think it’s coming up soon ) Hope everyone’s doing well there. By the way, Ava Gardner was born in a small town in NC, not far from Raleigh. I hope our house in Haddonfield sells soon, if it doesn’t sell in 6 weeks we’ll put it on Ebay ! Petey

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