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The one where Kim tries La Croix

After about 2 years of watching every other white woman rave about La Croix, I finally decided to take the leap. The excitement washed over me as I stood in the beverages aisle at Target, contemplating which of the dozens of flavors to try.


I was torn between coconut and orange. I settled on orange, because 1) who does not like orange? and 2) I think I’ll try coconut water as my next trendy drink.

I waited until Monday, my work-from-home day. I positioned the can next to my Moleskine notbook, which was on top of my classic white desk. I coaxed my hair into beachy waves to maximize the experience. I opened the can, took a sip and …


It tasted like someone left a can of Orange Crush outside for a year and a half. This is the amazing fresh taste that all the Internet Ladies are addicted to? I guess they never had the pleasure of being a Froot Loops kid, because those of us who are brought up on the delicious taste of Froot are doomed to be less than satisfied with natural flavoring.

On to the next trendy thing.

Merry Christmas from the Dee-luxe Apartment in the Sky!

This was taped to the door of the mailroom downstairs. (language, bad spelling)

I think we are going to move soon.


Mind you, I had a fall wreath stolen off of our door last year. While we did patrol the building looking for it, wishing cancer on someone is a bit much.

Which is why we’ll hopefully be moving soon.

What do Ariana Grande and I have in common?

(Besides our killer bods and dumptrucks full of cash)

I don’t know much about Ariana Grande other than she covered Wham!’s Last Christmas* on the Michael Buble special and I think she did okay with it. But this image came up in a search I was doing** and I nearly died…

problem ariana grande

Album (single?) cover – Problem by Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea.




It’s Bounce being sold through Letterhead Fonts. I bought it years ago (pre-2006) for around $40 and swore since I spent that much money, I’d never use another font. It’s adorable and I wish Miss Grande the best with her $40 font.
In more realistic day-to-day news, I ended up with five types of cookies: pinwheels, PB blossoms, sugar cutouts, gingerbread, and spritz. Tonight I’ll frost the sugar cookies & gingerbread. It was a smaller year because frankly, not many people eat cookies anymore. WM is on his 2-week holiday break. TNP closes on Wednesday and doesn’t reopen until January 5th. This will be my first paid winter break (where I didn’t have to burn vacation days) ever. Even in college I worked retail, so I was always working on 12/26.

* I was a huge Wham! fan when we were all young. And for as much love and admiration I had for them and every single word they (ok mostly George) sang, I am still shocked that Last Christmas has become a Christmas classic.

** I was trying to find out more on Iggy Azalea. Everyone knows her except me because while my musical world is growing, it’s not growing in Iggy’s direction.

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