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What do Ariana Grande and I have in common?

(Besides our killer bods and dumptrucks full of cash)

I don’t know much about Ariana Grande other than she covered Wham!’s Last Christmas* on the Michael Buble special and I think she did okay with it. But this image came up in a search I was doing** and I nearly died…

problem ariana grande

Album (single?) cover – Problem by Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea.




It’s Bounce being sold through Letterhead Fonts. I bought it years ago (pre-2006) for around $40 and swore since I spent that much money, I’d never use another font. It’s adorable and I wish Miss Grande the best with her $40 font.
In more realistic day-to-day news, I ended up with five types of cookies: pinwheels, PB blossoms, sugar cutouts, gingerbread, and spritz. Tonight I’ll frost the sugar cookies & gingerbread. It was a smaller year because frankly, not many people eat cookies anymore. WM is on his 2-week holiday break. TNP closes on Wednesday and doesn’t reopen until January 5th. This will be my first paid winter break (where I didn’t have to burn vacation days) ever. Even in college I worked retail, so I was always working on 12/26.

* I was a huge Wham! fan when we were all young. And for as much love and admiration I had for them and every single word they (ok mostly George) sang, I am still shocked that Last Christmas has become a Christmas classic.

** I was trying to find out more on Iggy Azalea. Everyone knows her except me because while my musical world is growing, it’s not growing in Iggy’s direction.

Macabre musings

Macabre musing #1:

Because a box of ashes deserves more than a plastic bag.

Because a box of ashes deserves more than a plastic bag.

This is the bag that Charlie’s remains came in. Doesn’t it look like it came from some swanky little artsy boutique? I’m tempted to carry my lunch to work in it and see if anyone notices.

Macabre musing #2:

(in bathroom, staring at new bathroom rug)
Me: (sighs sadly) Now that Charlie’s gone I can have a bathroom rug again.
WM: If it makes you feel better, I’ll pee on it.

Macabre musing #3:

(at Target)
Me: (pulling cheap white towels off of a stack) Rather than pee pads, we can use these for Max until his peeing slows down.
WM: In that case, get the yellow ones.

Need towels for leaky pets? Urine luck!

Need towels for leaky pets? Urine luck!

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