I know what this title should be, but I refuse to type it

Waiting for the shuttle outside of work a few nights ago, I overheard the following conversation. Mostly overheard, as I was trying not to get slaughtered at Words With Friends. (Didn’t work. Want an easy WwF win? I’m ladygypsy, naturally. But I can’t play all day long.)

Guy 1: Did you ….blahblahblah stuff?
Guy 2: I rode my bike in today.
Guy 1: Wow. You have scrotes!

SCROTES? What is this scrotes? Is this the new name for balls? (WM: Scrotes? I don’t even get this. Guys only have one … scrote.) Urban Dictionary confirms it.

Gimme my Chicos wardrobe and my AARP card. I give up trying to understand people younger than me.

Scrotes. Sheesh.

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