I prefer the word "eccentric" thank you very much.

December 6, 2012

You know those powerball jackpots that come up every once a year and get us all dreaming? I have many of the same items on the “what would I do” list as most people. And then there’s this one.

There’s an empty lot in the middle of a residential development that I used to pass every day on the way to work at the C-P*. I think the house that was there had a fire and was knocked down, leaving this empty lot.

Empty lot on Cuthbert Blvd.

It’s been years and there is no activity on the land, except for the occasional land for sale sign. What a waste!

What I would do with part of my lottery winnings (after buying my own house outside of Camden County) would be to buy the land and commission a strange stone altar with completely cryptic and made-up runes carved into it. I’d have it installed in the middle of the lot overnight. Then, I’d just leave it there with no explanation and let generations of South Jerseyans puzzle over the altar’s meaning and try to decode the runes. I guess I’d have to create an LLC to own and pay taxes on the property so that I wouldn’t be bothered by questions about it.

What kind of weird post-lottery purchases/actions that you would take or make?

*I finally canceled my subscription. I was sad, but I never even take the print edition out of the plastic overwrap anymore. Plus, I can make do with the undisclosed number of free articles during the month.

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  • Dave December 6, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Too many to mention. But the one thing I keep insisting on is moving to a home with lots of land around it, so much land that I will have buy a golf cart and drive it to my mailbox in order to get the mail — when I choose to get it.

    This place, of course, will also have a porch swing with shotgun rack behind it so I can yell “GET OFF MAH PROPERTAH!” to passersby miles away.