Wordy Wednesday

This means that I have to dress in layers for work.

When I get into work, it’ll be cold. Our building is older and doesn’t adjust well to changes in temperature.

Then at around 10am, someone will meander by, unlock the plastic box over our department’s thermostat, turn the heat up and re-lock the box. One coworker will complain that the temperature is fine, ignoring the 8 women sitting around him/her wearing coats and shawls. But soon, it’ll be lovely in the office.

At noon, the one coworker who is always hot will mention that it is hot. This coworker will continue saying this in a louder and louder voice (much like a child who wants you to look at him and nod) until eventually this person emails building services saying that it’s BOILING in there.

Then someone will come out, unlock the plastic box over the thermostat, turn the heat down (or off) and re-lock the box.

And our shawls will come out again.

Your lesson for today: Never doubt the ability of one person to make everyone uncomfortable!

Updated to add: iStoopid! My phone somehow changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius while I slept. I know, I’m not a believer in the “it changed it all by itself!” school of thought so I must have done it myself. But the end result is a VERY TOASTY me here at work, with a long sleeved shirt, sweater and scarf over top.


  • The lady in the cube next to me, all 65 pounds of her, is always shivering like a chihuahua and turns her heater up full-blast. The heat sort of seeps through the wall and heats up my cube which prompts me to turn on my fan. Good times!

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