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Horrifying The 16yo Version of Myself

May 13, 2021
image of my front lawn, which is mostly ugly weeds, very little grass, and  patches of dirt where neither grows
Also in 2021, you’ll find out that you still can’t grow grass!

Me, 2021: And, you know, since I was awake at 6:30 in the morning and didn’t have to start work for another two hours, I decided what better time to Weed & Feed the front lawn?

Me, 16: OH MY GOD who are you, DAD?

Me, 2021: Shush. And since I already bought a spreader a few years back I knew it would be in the garage under the garden table.

Me, 16: We are SUPPOSED to be in NEW YORK!!!!!!!

Me, 2021: And the weather app said it wasn’t going to rain for the next few days.

Me, 16: Weather … app?

Me, 2021: Listen, things get so much cooler than you can even picture right now. Except for the global pandemic, but…


Me, 2021: Er, about that…

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