omg! 1-carb ketchup

From the PhoneCam!

Originally uploaded by ladygypsy.

My atkins phase 1 life is now complete. Am near tears. I’m having a roll-less cheesesteak for dinner tonight! No onions til next saturday though.

And how am I doing (besides texting from the food store)? Week 1 was a disappointment..only 1 lb lost. I stayed perfectly to plan though, and will stick through the second week too. I’ve given up too much to give up now.

(walk like an egyptian is now ‘food store music.’ I feel decrepit.)


  • I really hate the use of the singular “carb”, as if there is maybe one giant molecule of C600-H1200-O600 in there and nothing else.

    Sorry – science pet peeve.

  • Aww…I love when you “bring the science!” If you email me a quickie doodle of a carb molecule, I’ll post it!

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