Good eats

March 16, 2006

From the PhoneCam!

Good eats
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A veddy proper meal, consisting of egg salad, another salad consisting of lettuce, pepperoni slices, feta cheese and “carb options” dressing, a few slices of smoked gouda and a bottle of water laced with Crystal Light.

The lettuce salad is pretty boring, but everything I usually put in my salads (tomatoes, onions, pasta, wheat thin crumbs, chocolate chips…) is off-limits during my first two weeks. So I persevere without.

This is day 6…and I’ve noticed some weird changes…

  • I’m sleepier earlier in the night, which really cramps my World of Warcraft style. Think it has to do with my exercising.
  • I’m waking up easier and earlier. Today I had time to cook breakfast (eggs and bacon) before work.
  • Feeling thinner. I’m down 1.4 lbs in six days. Not the stellar performance I was looking for, but it’s something. My pants are definately bigger.
  • My head feels clearer and the world looks brighter. Have I really been operating the last 10 years in a sugar fog?

My inspiration besides my impending Vegas trip and some upcoming summer travel? I want a belly button ring in May. It’s now or never, people…I’m not getting any younger and I’ve wanted one for years. So I’m just going to do it and then work myself to the point where I’ll be able to show it off once it’s healed.

Yeah…I can be freaky! 😉

My shins have finally recovered from Sunday’s workout, which is good because I think people here have noticed my odd gait this week. I’m back in my lunchtime hideaway, by the way, and yes, I took my lunch late. Sometimes I can’t get away from the desk.

But the ‘changes’ here that have taken place are finally starting to fit with me now. It’s NICE not having to worry about most of the content portion of the site. I have a bit of room to breathe.

(a starbucks chai latte has 50 grams of carbohydrates — 2.5 times what I’m allowed in a day)

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  • Tommy March 16, 2006 at 4:07 pm


    I was talking about the food, not the bb ring…;-)