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Life with Dogs

I’m pretty sure anyone with a dog or cat has been here…

“u poopin’?”

It took Ollie 10 years to learn to nudge a door open so I’ll let him have his victory.

The home office staff

I have the privilege of working from home one day a week, and being a former gamer with a former gamer’s large monitor makes it easy. But I couldn’t do it at all without my home office staff.

This is my security guard. He makes certain that I’m aware of anybody who tries to enter the premises. He often patrols the back yard and loudly informs me that all is not well. Or well. He’s just kind of loud.

“there’s a #*^#@ squirrel on the #$(&@&( porch!”

This is my IT tech. He’s most often found under my desk as I work, making sure the wires are fine. He’ll even unplug one once in a while to make sure I’m on my toes.

“i’ll let you know if the computer gets too warm”

And this is the Harry, the intern. He’s here to observe how often I get snacks from the kitchen.

*bubbles happily!*

My dogs and this pillow

I bought the pillow to help decorate my spartan little apartment the year of my divorce. At the time you never could have convinced me all of the love that would eventually surround it.


Me, puppy Ollie, Max





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