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Adventures in hair color: Garnier Light Nude Brown

It to ANYONE that I dye my hair. People at work don’t even blink anymore when I swing from reddish to brownish to blondish.

This is my dream hair at the moment. It’s a simple textured bob with some brown balayage (fancy word for two different colors). Until I work up the nerve to do that, I continue to bring the color of the roots up, and tone the color of the ends down.

My most recent color was purchased strictly because the name made me giggle: Light Nude Brown. Is this a brown with no blue or no red undertones? Inquiring minds needed to know. Here’s the before and after.

To my knowledge, this is a historic blog day. Other than the old pictures from when I was young, I don’t think I’ve ever shown the natural color on the blog. But it’s 2017, and the oceans are rising, so why not let it all hang out?

That dirty blonde shmutz-color at the roots is my regular color. The Garnier covered it nicely as well as neutralized the nuclear orange ends. I’m very pleased and will likely stick with this color for the summer.

(That’s Garnier’s cue to discontinue the color, by the way.)

Last night I had a dream that Lin-Manuel Miranda was hosting a salad-making contest. He’d pull the name of a salad out of a hat and you’d have to build it. The winner got to smooch Jason Bateman.

I was eliminated because I didn’t know what a Shayfield salad was and couldn’t build it. I don’t even get to smooch Jason Bateman in my dreams.

Tangled up and blue

Back in October, I embarked on a tiny work project that had never been done before. It was something that should be obvious and easy, but somewhere along the way we all became okay with The Old Way which was tedious but worked well. I made a promise to myself that if I got The New Way to work, I would dye a kicky blue streak into my hair.

Eh. Not the best thing I've done.

Eh. Not the best thing I’ve done. The duckface pose, not the hair.

Last month, I got The New Way to work. True to my promise, I went out and bought Garnier wash out color in Blue Burst (not sponsored, I suck, blah blah) and got to work. I did a streak underneath my hair, so I could hide it if I wanted to act professional. To apply it, you put on a pair of gloves, squirt the dye on your fingers, and rub the dye where you want it to go. It is supposed to stay on for 2-3 shampoos.


  • It was certainly BLUE.
  • It was inexpensive.
  • It was easy.


  • It was really messy to apply, even with just one streak and while wearing the supplied gloves. The sink was blue. The bathroom tile was blue, the floor was blue.
  • Even after drying and “setting” the color it still rubbed off on my fingers.
  • Most of it washed out in one shampoo.
  • While colored, the texture of my hair was awful. It was tacky, crusty, and dry.

WM and my mom really liked it and think I should a streak done with permanent dye. But I won’t. Firstly, it didn’t feel like a fun addition to my look. I sort of felt like I was trying to be a cool mom, and being neither cool nor a mom. Secondly, you may find it hard to believe that I dye my hair. (sarcasm) So I’d have to either blue it myself after every dye, or bit the bullet and get it done profe$$ionally.

In other equally-trivial blog updates, today is my half-birthday. Hooray.

(I know the lyric is tangled up IN blue, but this fit better.)

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