January 4, 2005

(Thor and I sit on our sofa, watching our first-ever episode of The West Wing* on Bravo. A commercial for Kraft Cheddar Cheese comes on. Two kidlets are dashing round the kitchen, thrilled that Mama is cooking with Kraft Cheddar Cheese.)

Thor: We should make those sometime.
Me: Kids?!?
Thor: No. Enchiladas.
Me: 90% of the commercial is about kids scarfing shredded cheese, and all you saw was the enchilada dish?
Thor: They looked good! (pause) You should blog this.

Yes, dear.

And for your chuckling pleasure…


At BEST, it makes my eyes look blue. Where have I seen this hair before?? Oh yeah…

*Episode was alright. It didn’t grab me and make me YEARN to watch the entire series, like I thought it would.

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