Peggy Sue goes to Atlantic City

January 7, 2005

“Let’s go to New York for the weekend,” Thor said to me this morning as I tried to fight the idea of morning. Remember, he was chipper from just coming home from work.

“Mmm…” I replied.

“It’s supposed to be a mild one!” he said encouringly.

“Is it? Good,” I muttered, remember how cold it was last year.

“C’mon. Fire up your laptop. See what the weather will be.”

Yes, I keep my laptop in bed with me. So I prop myself up on the as-yet-unnamed body pillow and surfed to Typed in “New York City,” clicked, and saw a very drippy icon.


“At least it’s not cold,” he answered. Note that we’ve temporarily switched attitudes.

“But our primary mode of transportation would be walking. And I don’t want to walk in rain all weekend.”

He sighed. “Okay. Atlantic City?”

My ears pricked up. “I can do that.”

So after my beloved Mom vouched she’d peek in on Max…we made the ressies and tonight we’re off to the Tropicana! Tney have a new “Havana” Tower and “The Quarter” based on Cuba. I only hope it’s not too authentic, and a team of heavily armed federal agents don’t swarm someone’s room in the early morning hours to remove a 6-year-old at gunpoint.

Oh wait. That happened in America. My bad. 😉

We’ll be back on Sunday. In the meantime, I started posting my orgami calendar results in the upper left corner of the site.


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