Beets, hominy, and sofa

January 10, 2005

Yes, I’m jealous. I wish I could swing dance. I would have loved to have been out there. But alas, I am clumsy, and clumsy people aren’t meant to dance.

Me, 1/11/04

(Geez, but it’s nice to be able to quote one’s self!)

Yesterday, Thor and I nervously travelled to the YMCA and attended our first swing dancing class. It’s a 6 week long class and held for 90 minutes on Sunday afternoons. It was just us and 2 other couples, but that’s enough. I was nervous as it were.

We learned one basic step and two hand/arm positions, ‘open’ and ‘closeed.’ No flinging me through his legs or over his head or into the wall. Three couples nervously counting out beats and trying to look more graceful than the other two. Our only comfort was each other.

Then, Teacher made us switch partners!

I felt badly for the guys. None of them (Thor included) made eye contact with their new female partners. As if they were afraid that their wives would ‘catch’ them looking at another woman. They all danced worse with the new partners than with their original ones. As if the wives would be angry if they ‘caught’ them dancing well with another woman. Geez, ladies…what have we done to these guys?

It was a lot of fun, and we’re looking forward to practicing and going back next Sunday.

As for tonight…ow. Just…ow.

Wanting something different than yoga, tonight I went to my first Pilates class. Pilates focuses (I learned) on strengthening the core muscles of your body…namely your back and abs. I thought I had no abs, but I found them tonight.

Like yoga, there is meditation at the end of the class. The instructor put on a tape and we listened as the narrator guided us through breathing exercises. The narrator kept reminding us to feel beets, hominy, and sofa.


Apparently, the acoustics of the room aren’t that great. Back in the corner where I lay silently cajoling my muscles to stop crying, I misheard the point of the meditation, which was peace, harmony, and self-love. Or else I was hungry and tired.

Anyhoo, until we meet again, I wish you beets, hominy, and sofa.

(PS Atlantic City was great! More on that tomorrow.)

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