Haircut #217

After a series of YouTube video hairstyling mishaps, I finally turned to a professional to get a real, grownup haircut.

Since the bottom half of my hair was very, very dead and very, very layered (thanks, YouTube kiddies) I decided to get it cut short again.

Thanks to the Internet, I had this pictures saved to my phone ..

Kimmy from the Block.

Kimmy from the Block.

…and told the stylist that although I know I am not Jennifer Lopez, I liked the hair.

And this is what I got!

Not so shabby!

I love Instagramming myself. All my flaws are blown out of visual range!

I know, right? It requires a bit more styling finesse than I’m used to (my usual styling tools include hairbands, elastics, and curse words) but I’m slowly getting used to it. Especially since if I put a hairband on my hair goes all triangly and my ponytail is very, very small. And if it grows a little bit longer, it SHOULD look like my reference picture.

Anyway, as I said on the hostess page…hair grows back.


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