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what price beauty?

March 4, 2006

From the PhoneCam!

What price beauty?
Originally uploaded by ladygypsy.

(taken at hair salon. No makeup. scary scary!)

what possessed me to make a 9am hair appt on a saturday?

I love reading magazines, and the salon lets me indulge in the trash that I don’t spend my money on otherwise.the feb 2006 vanity fair had a great piece on karenna gore schiff, which unfortunately was overshadowed by lindsey lohan’s ‘zomg! I used drugz and like omg had an eating disorder!!111! ‘* cover piece.

I always liked karenna and even though I think al gore was an insufferable prick who blew an election that was his for the taking**, I would like for karenna to get into politics.

I think she’l have a much more lasting effect on us all than miss lohan.

* which was followed up afterward by the ‘zomg!! I totally didn’t mean that I am clean and healthy oh noes i’m exhausted again time for another trip to the hospital take my pix lol!!’ tirade.

** if one doesn’t have the ability to navigate a ballot…they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Tough love.

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  • Baron von Plague March 5, 2006 at 2:04 am

    And the Oscar for “The Best Use of Newbie Gamer Speak in a Blog” goes to….envelope please….. LADYGYPSY!