Statistics – Feb 2006

March 5, 2006

I deal a lot with site stats in my job, so I tend not to care about at all. I only check stats once every few months, and never in December, since CookieCam is a gimmick. In February, 2005, my site averaged 143 visits a day. In February, 2006, that number leapt to 250 a day. So welcome, new people and deranged page refreshers! I’d better get working on that “About Me” page!

And now, the always-amusing top search terms that (mis)lead people to my humble blog in February:

  1. mary poppins — back in the fall, I debated dressing as Mary Poppins for Halloween. I decided against it because she had three outfits from that movie that are equally recognizable. So by choosing one outfit, (I would have gone with the umbrella/carpetbag/coat one) 66% of the people would have said, “Didn’t Mary wear…(insert other outfits here).
  2. ladygypsy — obvious…and welcome!
  3. how did eddie guerro die — we covered this before. I misspelled Eddie’s last name in my post about him, and thereby was a leading search engine result for other spelling-challenged people.
  4. mary poppins wallp- — see above.
  5. mary poppins chimn- — see above
  6. midway airport — I flew to Dixieland in July to visit BvP’s relatives. I connected through Midway on both flights.
  7. %22mary poppins%22- — been there, done that. This one apparently knew to wrap a search term in “quotes” if you want to get better results.
  8. anna trebunskaya* — ah..the Russian female pro (and hottie) who partnered Jerry Rice in Dancing with this Stars this year. Pronounced tre-BOON’-ska-ya. I loved that show.
  9. %22mary poppins%2- — I have nothing to do with Mary Poppins
  10. eddie guerro — Still?
  11. death of eddie guerro — sigh
  12. mary poppins pict- — I have no pics of MP on my site.
  13. mississippi braves — We saw a Braves game while in Dixieland in July. Minor league baseball charms me.
  14. raymour and flanagan – bought a lot of furniture there. Furniture that is holding up well and still well-liked by us. And finally paid off.
  15. %22mary poppins%- — cripes
  16. %27mary poppins%2- — Mary Poppins is my Eddie Guererro of 2006, I guess.
  17. calories in a mcdonalds shamrock shake – between 400 and 1200, depending on the size.
  18. eddie – gah!
  19. how did eddie guerrero die – his heart gave out on him. 🙁
  20. how did eddie guerro –

Well at least nobody’s searching for naked wheat thin snacking or frequent hair color changes. But there’s always March!

*Mom got a puppy yesterday. One of the potential names, jokingly, was Trebunskaya. Ended up naming him Chipper.

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  • Erin March 6, 2006 at 9:41 am

    Congratulations on the puppy!

  • Zeno March 12, 2006 at 2:52 pm

    The inadvertent hits on my website run a pretty weird gamut. When I wrote a post on the meaning of my pseudonym and its mathematical significance for me, I closed with a paragraph on “other Zenos”, including a reference to the voluptuous young model Nikki Zeno. Since then, every day brings a couple of visits from people (guys, I presume) who googled Nikki and found my website. I also got a visitor who googled “boys in white shorts” (bet that was a guy, too) and then came to read what turned out to be my reminiscences about the fascist P.E. classes of my high school days (when our P.E. trunks were color-coded by level of physical fitness!). Finally, there’s the people who visited my website on the basis of getting a Google hit with “naked student”; I doubt they were really interested in my figurative use of the expression to describe a student who came to class without pen, pencil, paper, textbook, or clue.

  • picture of zoroastrianism March 17, 2006 at 11:16 pm

    What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer?
    A brick layer!