Dreams: Making that bucket list happen

January 10, 2011

Tell me what a weird dream this is:

The world will be ending in a few days — predictably & disastrously. I think it was an upcoming natural disaster. I end up in Miami with a bunch of other people. We’ve taken over a commercial area which includes a gigantic shopping mall.

Now usually these apocalyptic dreams of mine end with “I buy a gun, go feral and survive it all.”

But this one was different.

So in my dream I decided to make people’s bucket list wishes come true. So for the little old ladies who never learned to drive — we matched them up with people who are good at teaching driving and took them down to the abandoned auto dealership to get behind the wheel. People who always wanted to cook were ushered to the kitchen supply store and taught to make a fantastic meal. A guy quietly confessed he was bi-curious, so I discreetly found a willing mentor and put them in a hotel room. Empty storefronts became chapels for marriages, baptisms and other religious services. The salon became a haven for those who always wanted to see what they looked like with curly/straight/blue/no hair.

Even though we were all going to die in this dream, there was no fear. Everyone was happy and laughing because they were getting what they always wanted.

I had the best feeling when I woke up. What can we do to make this dream — sans imminent painful death due to natural disaster — a reality? I’m not talking “I want to see Mars” or “I want to kiss Justin Bieber” dreams. But the people who want to learn to read. Or read another language. Or learn to ride a bike. Or swim. Or sing.

Ugh. I want to make a difference. I don’t know how.

In more shallow news, I’m dangerously close to lopping off half of my hair and going with a cute just-below-chin-length bob.

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