I hate you, weather.com

Dear weather.com,

I checked you tonight to see about the newest stupid winter crapslush storm that’s headed our way and what do you do to me? THIS.

This is NOT nice!

Firstly, as all of the Disney snobs will say, it’s “Walt Disney World.” The one in California is Disneyland. Florida is Walt Disney World. Get it straight.

Secondly, what a douchebaggy thing to do! You know I yearn for warm weather and palm trees and I haven’t been to my MousekeMecca lately. And you just rub that in my face by suggesting I check the weather there? (75 and partly sunny tomorrow) instead of the weather here? (42 with rain/freezing rain/wind)

You stink.


  • Perhaps this isn’t a good time to mention that I can hear the Disneyland fireworks from my house…and that it’s going to be in the mid-70s this week…

  • It could be worse – you could be where I am…the warmest it will be over the weekend will be about 10 degrees.

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