December 11, 2012

As longtime readers have noticed, my hair changes a lot. I blame a childhood of peeling latex gloves off of the Nice’n’Easy inserts for my Mom.

Lately, all I want to do is dye it very blond and cut it short.

Like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. (oh hai 1998 hairstyle!)

“I can still move my face!”

Now, time has shown me many, MANY times that “very blond” and “very short” are not good looks for me. (pic from 2004)

“Don’t cry, ShopGirl. I know I crushed your mother’s lifetime of hard work, but I’ll get you a job reading books in the children’s section of Fox Books for $6.00 an hour.”

And I’d end up looking more like Paula Deen than Meg Ryan. But this time of year, a girl can dream, right?

(grumpily arranges a ponytail for the day)

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