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Home Alone
Breathing love in and breathing love out
Currently: Wrestling edition

Home Alone

Have I mentioned that WM is in grad school at my old alma mater, Rowan? This semester he’s taking classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, which means I fend for myself.

“Enough complaining can I have some more popcorn please?”

What this night should have looked like:

I leave work on-time and with a spring in my step and come directly home. I’ll eat my chicken and veggies that I had prepared for tonight. I’d bake some cupcakes for a work thing on Thursday (planning ahead so I don’t rush tomorrow night). And then, I’d do day 29 of yoga, wash my face, and perch happily on the sofa, reading a book.

What this night is actually looking like:

I left work a half-hour late with a headache from thinking too much. The train was packed because the schedule is jacked up from yesterday’s accident that halted service altogether. The jeep had 1/8th of a tank of gas left because I had to drive into Philadelphia yesterday, so I had to stop to fill it. I come home, pull everything out to bake and discover I don’t have any oil for the cake mix.

This pisses me RIGHT off. I was going to have a cupcake tonight and the loss of a sweet treat is just too much. The pantry is bare of sweet treats because we are trying to eat better. Desperate, I pull out the popcorn popper and pop some while the chicken heats up. The popcorn is hot, but plain, and that won’t do. I look up a recipe for air popped kettle corn. I reserve a few pieces plain popcorn in a bowl for the dogs. A quarter cup of sugar and a quarter cup of butter later I have an entire bowl of kettle-esque corn! I’ll eat some tonight, and portion the rest out for the week.

I plop in front of the computer, and continue reading Erin Napier’s blog. I started a while back at post 1, which was written in 2010 and it’s been a treat seeing their success occur organically as the months and years passed. Plus, I’m a sucker for real-life, non-niche blogs.

An hour later, I am almost entirely out of kettle corn. That recipe was phenomenal, but next time (if I ever feel like eating kettle corn again, which at this moment I think I don’t want it again for a VERY long time) I’ll use 1/8 cup of sugar and 1/8 cup of butter.

And now it’s 7:40. Tonight’s yoga practice is 25 minutes long. WM is going to come home and find me just finishing yoga with popcorn kernels literally stuck to my shirt.

Someday years from now, I hope someone reads this and says they love reading real-life, non-niche blogs.

Breathing love in and breathing love out

I’m still trucking along with my TRUE – 30 Days of Yoga program by Yoga With Adriene.

As a sedentary human, it’s hard for me to commit to moving every day for a month. But I’m still here. And barring injury, the end of the 30 days is near!

I feel like my arms are made of warm dough and are twenty feet long. All of these videos are free on Youtube just in case you want orangutan arms too!

Most nights I even have a yoga buddy.

Over-the-shoulder camera shot.

Currently: Wrestling edition

Tonight’s apparel. Minor color filter but no makeup.

Watching: THE 2018 ROYAL RUMBLE! It’s in Philadelphia this year, and I wanted to go but I missed when tickets went on sale (Last summer was A SUMMER) and they were very expensive anyway. As a result, I’m watching it on the sofa.

It’s so good. AJ Styles is my favorite wrestler (amazingly talented AND a hottie in a country-boy ‘get in my truck’ way) and he retained his belt tonight. WM’s favorite wrestler is Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura just won the Rumble and chose to challenge AJ for his belt at Wrestlemania.

Me -> AJ Styles
WM -> Nakamura

Of course we own the Funko Pop figures.

Apparently Wrestlemania 34 will be sponsored by LegalZoom. That’s fine. I still have my login and so does he.

And for the first time there will be a 30-woman Women’s Royal Rumble AND it’s the main event. I can’t stand Stephanie McMahon the character, but Stephanie McMahon the businesswoman is stellar.

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