Home Alone

January 30, 2018

Have I mentioned that WM is in grad school at my old alma mater, Rowan? This semester he’s taking classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, which means I fend for myself.

“Enough complaining can I have some more popcorn please?”

What this night should have looked like:

I leave work on-time and with a spring in my step and come directly home. I’ll eat my chicken and veggies that I had prepared for tonight. I’d bake some cupcakes for a work thing on Thursday (planning ahead so I don’t rush tomorrow night). And then, I’d do day 29 of yoga, wash my face, and perch happily on the sofa, reading a book.

What this night is actually looking like:

I left work a half-hour late with a headache from thinking too much. The train was packed because the schedule is jacked up from yesterday’s accident that halted service altogether. The jeep had 1/8th of a tank of gas left because I had to drive into Philadelphia yesterday, so I had to stop to fill it. I come home, pull everything out to bake and discover I don’t have any oil for the cake mix.

This pisses me RIGHT off. I was going to have a cupcake tonight and the loss of a sweet treat is just too much. The pantry is bare of sweet treats because we are trying to eat better. Desperate, I pull out the popcorn popper and pop some while the chicken heats up. The popcorn is hot, but plain, and that won’t do. I look up a recipe for air popped kettle corn. I reserve a few pieces plain popcorn in a bowl for the dogs. A quarter cup of sugar and a quarter cup of butter later I have an entire bowl of kettle-esque corn! I’ll eat some tonight, and portion the rest out for the week.

I plop in front of the computer, and continue reading Erin Napier’s blog. I started a while back at post 1, which was written in 2010 and it’s been a treat seeing their success occur organically as the months and years passed. Plus, I’m a sucker for real-life, non-niche blogs.

An hour later, I am almost entirely out of kettle corn. That recipe was phenomenal, but next time (if I ever feel like eating kettle corn again, which at this moment I think I don’t want it again for a VERY long time) I’ll use 1/8 cup of sugar and 1/8 cup of butter.

And now it’s 7:40. Tonight’s yoga practice is 25 minutes long. WM is going to come home and find me just finishing yoga with popcorn kernels literally stuck to my shirt.

Someday years from now, I hope someone reads this and says they love reading real-life, non-niche blogs.

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