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Friday 5: Shape of things to come
TBT: Duke and Bandit
Fractured Fairy Tales

Friday 5: Shape of things to come

Happy Friday! It’s been a heck of a week, but I’m off of work until July 10 so hooray for a little bit of sloth and self-care and a little bit of fun.

Here is the Friday Five ON A FRIDAY! BOOM, BABY! Happy 11th anniversary to the Friday 5, which launched 11 years ago today! Thanks for all of the blog prompts! Let’s go for another 11.

This week’s theme is Shape of Things to Come.

A sleepy Spaniel.

1. What shape is your mood today?

I’m in a happy mood today. I always think of a circle as a happy shape. But since I’m a bit tired at the moment, let’s say it’s an oval.

2. What snack comes in a fun shape?

Oh man, do you remember Bugles? Are they even still around? (YES, THEY ARE!) If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a type of corn chip, but in a horn/cornucopia shape. VERY tasty and now they’re on my graocery list!

3. Someone’s building your dream house, but it has to be in the shape of a letter of the alphabet. Which letter do you choose?

The letter A, but in my interpretation of this, the A isn’t upright, but on the ground. So The top of the A would be the front door, and there would be two wings, one for bedrooms, one for living rooms. The crossbar of the A would be a lovely sunroom, that overlooks the courtyard formed by the hole in the A, and the backyard, which would be between the legs of the A.

Next fall, Joanna and Chip Gaines will steal this idea for Fixer Upper. Mark my words.

4. What’s a great song with a shape in its title or lyrics?

Dave Matthews Band’s The Best of What’s a-round? No?

5. What’s something in your line of sight that can reasonably be called blob-shaped?

A pillow and a pile of sheets.

TBT: Duke and Bandit

I found an instant photograph taken of Duke and Bandit, 2 dogs from 1978.

You can tell it’s an old photo because of the bright red sofa, the insane flash, and the disinterested arm on the right that couldn’t be cropped out because it’s an old-school photo. Plus the dogs have those old 70s-esque names, not names that could be given to human children.

Or it could be Ollie and Murphy, as taken with a Fuji Instax camera that WM received for his birthday and I stole from him.

Fractured Fairy Tales


Finally the nonbloggable becomes bloggable – Mom (aka A-Woww) tripped and fell 2 weeks ago, fracturing her kneecap and shattering her elbow. The knee will heal on its own in an immobilizer which thankfully allows her to walk. The elbow required surgery. That happened on Wednesday and now the mending begins.
While she’s a bit more banged up than the ankle incident from 2011, it’s not as bad because she’s not bedbound. In fact, today we went to a bridal shower! And this time around she’s getting home visits from nurses, occupational therapists and physical therapists.

This was the arm that was operated on. I was sad when she washed the YES off. It was inspirational!

We’ve all been scrambling to make sure she has someone there throughout the day for meals and to let her dog out. I’m certainly thankful for TNP’s flexible schedule.

Tomorrow is the 2-year anniversary of buying the House on Literary Lane. We are still overrun with weeds and ivy, and can’t get the desired plants and grass to grow, PLUS the neighbors behind us are as noisy as every neighbor I had at the Heights of Collingswood COMBINED but I love my home and some days I never want to leave it.

(There is still an unpacked box in the coat closet.)

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