Friday 5: Questions created very quickly late Friday morning and answered on Saturday

June 17, 2017

Oh, Internet. It’s been a week. A week of nonbloggable crap. It’ll get blogged eventually, but not yet. It’s not my story to tell.

This week. Oh, this week. (Disaster courtesy of Murphy.)

Plus I think the country is 1970s-level of broken right now, and I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

I’m currently watching a presentation on QVC (my guilty pleasure) for Dynatrap Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap. The hosts are avoiding using the words “kill” and “die” which is entertaining me immensely. Bugs are “trapped,” “captured,” and “expire.”

This week’s Friday 5 theme is … well it’s themeless, which is just about fine. Let’s get to it!

1. What are you reading?
Currently nothing. I suddenly stopped reading books in April, and I don’t know why. I’d say it coincided with the arrival of the puppy, but I usually read on the train. Lately, I sit on the train with my eyes closed, listening to music. I miss reading! Maybe I should look for a fluffy beach read.

2. What are you listening to?
Thanks to this MetaFilter post I’m cruising through Joni Mitchell, Cass Elliot, and Mary Travers songs.

3. Anything amusing or strange happen to you recently?


4. What’s cookin’?

I have turkey meatballs in the crockpot and plan on a bunch of bulk cooking tomorrow.

5. What was your contribution to your most recent potluck?

My default spring/summer contribution is a fruit salad. My default holiday contribution is green bean casserole.

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