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My Celebrity Freebie list, 2015 edition
Friday Five: Mother Goose, May I?
Would you be mine?

My Celebrity Freebie list, 2015 edition

Like almost every other blogger out there, I’ve been crawling through Friends on Netflix.

Kids, schmids. I never would have broken up with that.

Like years ago, my favorites are Phoebe and Chandler. Rachel annoys and Ross can just pound sand. What a jerk. I just finished up season 3, a season I originally boycotted because I was mad that Monica and Richard broke up. Once I got over my grief I caught most of it in reruns. One of my favorite episodes in Season 3 is “The One with Frank Jr.” which had the gang’s Celebrity Freebie list as a subplot.

I’ve always had a Celebrity Freebie list, but it’s due for a refresh for 2015…

1) George Clooney – always
2) Jason Bateman – my first TV crush
3) Nick Offerman – Filthy fun
4) Angelina Jolie – mmmmmm
5) and Bill Clinton. Oh look!

Former occupants include Dave Matthews, Chandler Bing (the character, not the actor), Gerard Butler, Jonathan Knight, and George Michael.

Happy Presidents Day! Thanks to the Founders for creating a country where I can be off from work and create a list of famous people that I’d shag.

Friday Five: Mother Goose, May I?

Happy Friday!

I watched The Sound of Music Live last night on NBC. I think Carrie Underwood did a great job singing the songs. Her acting wasn’t great. I was VERY excited to see Stephen Moyer (aka Vampire Bill) as Captain Von Trapp, but his accent was slippery and he never looked like he had feelings for Maria other than “MUST PUNCH ALL THE THINGS.” Most of the kids were okay. Usual garden-variety big lunged and creepily-precocious theater kids.

Realizing (unlike many others) that this was an adaptation of the play and not a remake of the movie, here’s what I would have done to make it better.

1) Cut it to 2 hours. If this was supposed to be a family show, most kids should have been in bed before the show ended.

2) Bring in an audience to clap. Theater needs applause.

3) Scrap the acting altogether and make it like the Les Mis anniversary concerts where the actors stood before microphones and sang.

As for the Walmart ads, we were trying to discern if the Brooks family was Mormon. I’m sure they’ll have a blog soon.

At 10pm I turned the TV to Scandal. So I went from singing Austrian children to Crazypants Huck pulling Quinn’s tooth out. Good times.

I can’t segue that all, so here’s the Friday Five! This week’s theme is: Mother Goose, May I?

1. Have you any wool?

sweater selfie

No makeup, btw. I’m not brave. I’m lazy.

Not today. Today’s sweater is 100% acrylic. Which isn’t my preference, but I like the color and cowl neck. My socks are cotton and mismatched, as I’m wearing them under boots and who cares what socks I wear if you can’t see them!

2. How mony men have ye?


3. How does your garden grow?

I didn’t do a garden this year because our balcony’s too shady and I’m just not into shade plants. Sorry, ivies. But our dozens of houseplants are thriving, due to WM’s green thumb.

4. Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?

(retrieves mind from gutter)

cat - charlie


Charlie, the elder statesman of the household, doesn’t go far. He eats, he uses the litter box (Except when the act of pooping frightens him so much that he flees the litter box mid-poo. Medically, he’s fine. Just crazy.), occasionally hides behind the sofa, and he sleeps on the sofa. Actually, he sleeps on the sofa, on top of a quilt and a crinkly plastic bag from Target. He loves crinkly plastic bags.

5. What are little boys made of?

Almost 99% of the mass is made up of the six elements oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium.

This weekend is devoted to the holidays. Lights, tree, baking, wrapping, music. It’ll be fabulous. I hope yours is too!

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