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an evening with Grey's Anatomy

June 8, 2007

Isn’t it grand to get a sterling letter of recommendation from an ex-husband? Divorce can be done right.

Also, commenters? I love you all.

Anyway, I was sleepless last night so I watched the last episode of Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t think there’s anyone out there further behind in this show than I am…but I’ll put my reaction after the jump.

Thank you all (and by all I mean nobody at all) for warning me I’d have to watch Dr. Burke cough and gag and retch and struggle with his intubation midway through his operation. After 2 full seasons of Grey’s, if I EVER need surgery, I think I’ll end up cutting myself open with an Alton Brown knife.

Doc? Noooo!!

Doc! No! Why, writers, why did you have to write out the dog in this way? They showed poor whorish Meredith’s and McDouchebag’s dog being put to sleep due to extensive cancer. Couldn’t he, the apparent symbol for the McRelationship, just run the hell away? Oh, how I was wracked with sobs. Poor Max. I squeezed him like a stress ball during that scene.

And I cried a bit about Burke and his numb/shaky hand and how Christina is really just no good for him.

Then I cried over the chief’s dying niece, who’ll never know how “good” “it” can be. Seventeen and full-up on cancer. Like Doc, except he was a recurring character and he was JUST KILLED OFF!

Then, the climax: Denny dies. Yeah. I knew that was going to happen so I was prepared for it. And I was prepared for Izzie in her dress cuddled with his dead body. I saw screencaps somewhere.

I was already softened up by the dog and the niece and the hand. So by the time…

alex karev is mchot

…Alex shows up and is the only one with the balls to comfort Izzie, I was completely wasted. He knew what to say, he lifted her out of DennyDeathBed and cradled her while she cried her heart out. I love them together. I want them together. But I think it’s not to be.

So here’s my impressions of the cast after 2 seasons:

McDreamy – McDouchebag. He never told Meredith he was married. He refused to leave her be, promising to be her friend until he saw she tried to move on. Assbag to the extreme.

Meredith – yes, Virginia, you are a whore. I lost count of how many men she’s slept with. And that prom-night stunt with McDreamy? NOW you’re an adulteress.

Izzie – I loved her at first but then she got really sanctimonious and self-absorbed. Her snide pretty-popular-girl attitude toward Callie grated me.

George – meh

Christina – Quite possibly the worst girlfriend on the planet, but always makes me laugh.
Addison – LOVE her. She’s smart, mature and slightly imperfect. I’ll probably watch her spinoff.

Bailey – Best character on the show. By far. “Where are my suck-ups?” Bwah!

Burke – I can’t believe all the crap the actor was put through for being thoughtless and mean with his “faggot” (omg! I said it! Boycott me!) comment. Now he’s allegedly gone. But please recast the character! I enjoy Burke and Christina.

I’m going to take some time off, then use the summer to catch up on Season 3, either through reruns or iTunes.

Screencaps from Screencap Paradise

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  • dr. dave June 8, 2007 at 2:36 pm

    recast the character? what is this, Bewitched??

  • JohnnyBlack June 8, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    I think there is more to this then that “faggot” comment. Mr Washington must have really been a bad influence on that set. They put up with alot from actors on TV or movie sets. He must have crossed the line more then once and the producers figured he was worth letting go. I hope they don’t recast that part with another actor. Let Christine mellow out for awhile. Maybe her old flame will come back. Or she and Meredith will end up being “lovers”. Now that would be great TV. I’d love George to figure his shit out too. I just hope he stays with Cali. We need her to stay around. Can’t wait to see the Cali/Issie catfight!

  • Tommy June 8, 2007 at 6:12 pm

    I must say, Thor/BvP really showed class! Sometimes things just don’t work out for the better, but your comment is right on the money – it can be done right. Thor/BvP’s comment should be an example for a lot of us who have gone through similar circumstances. You have also handled things with the same class and dignity that your ex has. I know I learned a lot.