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Friday 5: Happy ASLIRT
Friday 5: Tiny gestures
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Friday 5: Happy ASLIRT

Happy Friday! Today was my summer Friday off and … it rained. Womp womp. I don’t have a shore house or relatives with a shore house, so we are daytripping folk. If it rains, we stay home.

I spent my July 4th hanging out of the pool.

Except Mom and I went to lunch today at Zinburger (omg yum) and poked in and out of Ulta and Barnes and Noble. Then we got her new wireless network set up. I played some Diablo, spent time with WM, and now I’m sitting outside in my lounge chair as the sun sets. A damn good day.

Time for the Friday 5! This week’s theme is Happy ASLIRT and nope, no idea what ASLIRT stands for. Let’s get to it!

1. What are your favorite and least favorite nuts?
Favorite: Macadamia, which is one of the fattiest nuts. Naturally
Least Favorite: Walnuts. They’re a lot of work to crack, with very little reward.

2. What are your favorite and least favorite berries?
Favorite: Strawberry
Least Favorite: Raspberry, AKA hell-berry. UGH. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a description of a recipe and I am ALL IN until the last line which includes a raspberry glaze or a raspberry vinaigrette or a raspberry infusion and … ugh. Barf. I’m out.

3. What are your favorite and least favorite tropical fruits?
Favorite: Pineapple. Gimme pineapple anything and I’m there for it. Pineapple juice is amazing.
Least Favorite: I was going to say grapefruit, but paused because I’m not sure if it’s actually considered tropical. I used this list for reference and it doesn’t include grapefruit (but does include oranges, so …???). I was going to go with pomegranate and that’s not on the list either. Thus, I’m going to go with the Dead Man Fingers which is on the list and looks suitably disgusting-tasting like raspberries.

4. What are your favorite and least favorite varieties of M&Ms?
Favorite: Pretzel and I never buy them because they are that dangerous.
Least Favorite: Crispy. They’re weird. I’m leaving out the holiday stunty flavors and sticking with core flavors.

5. What are your favorite and least favorite raisin-containing foods?
Favorite: Cinnamon raisin bread. It’s heaven by the slice.
Least Favorite: There’s a carrot salad with raisins that perplexes me. It not awful, but I’d say it’s my least favorite.

Even thought Google is providing no help, I’m going to guess that ASLIRT is a variety of trail mix, because of the ingredients in the question and that ASLIRT is TRAILS mixed up.

Have a great weekend! Our plans include cruising by the Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Art Festival, because we freaking LOVE spring/summer/fall festival time! I also think I’m going to teach myself to sew reusable coffee cup sleeves. Exciting, right?

Happy ASLIRT = Happy Trails? TRAIL MIX!

Friday 5: Tiny gestures

Happy Friday! This is my first Summer Friday of the year!

At TNP we can have every other Friday off during the summer as long as we make up the extra hours in advance. It is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


This morning I took Ollie to the vet for a shot and was lectured about his weight. I love my vet office, but a quarter of the techs love to make you think you’re the worst pet owner ever. Yes, the dog is heavy. He’s always been. Yes, we do measure his food and hold back on treats. Yes, his head’s tilted as a result of nasty back-to-back ear infections. Yes, we cleaned out his ears regularly before the infection. Can we have the shot now?

And after all of that, they gave me a giant “Happy Birthday” dog treat for him. (mind boggle)

I had a cup of coffee outside in the sunshine, mailed a package at the post office, had a slice of pizza and am ready to go back outside with a book.


But first, the Friday 5! This week’s topic is Tiny Gestures. Let’s get to it!

1. What might you put in a small, pretty glass bottle as a romantic gift to someone?
A tiny love letter, rolled into a scroll.

2. Someone you care very much for is leaving for a long time but will be back. What small object (not a photo) might you give him or her to remember you by?
When WM and I were in our long-distance relationship I sent him Kronk, the bear I sleep with. Kronk stayed with him until he moved back here. I still can’t believe that was 10 years ago.

3. If you were to leave a small mark in your current residence, as lasting evidence that you lived there, what would you leave, and where would you leave it?
I would find one of the studs and woodburn our initials into it. What could possibly go wrong?

4. What would you like to toss into the fires of Mount Doom?

All of The Carpenters’ albums. Maybe the world would be a more cheerful place without all of those dirges in it. I had a post about how much I hate The Carpenters, but it didn’t make it over to the new blog from the old. (I lost about 150 posts in transit. I still have the database so I can manually add them back in, but as time passes …. nah.

You know what? My Carpenters post deserves to live again, so I reposted it here. Sleepy-ass music.

5. Those adopt-a-star things are gimmicky rip-offs, but if they weren’t, and someone gave you one as a gift, what would you name it?

Gimmicky rip-offs? No…(quick google search) Aw, man. Is nothing sacred? I blame The Carpenters. Now that I know it’s a sham, I’d name a star Patrick.

Enjoy the weekend! Play happy music!

naturally summer

From my Treo!

An original photo by ladygypsy.

80 degrees today.

Wearing tan twinset, a-line brown skirt with tan print, brown heels, tan headband and NO stockings kinda retro…i love summer!

it’s getting difficult to resist the call of the tanning booth. on one hand, I’m probably days away from skin cancer from all of my past sunning sins, so tanning would be dumb.

but on the other hand, I’m probably days away from skin cancer ANYWAY from my past sunning sins, so why not do it anyway and avoid looking pasty all summer?

why yes, I DO think this song is about me…

(taken in mirrored door of employee entrance)

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