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Christmas Roundup!

December was a sugar-coated whirlwind of activities that didn’t let up until the 26th, which begins WM and I lovingly call … Sloth Week. Schools are closed and TNP is closed until January 2. That leaves us here in the House on Literary Lane with NO OBLIGATIONS! (other than dog care, housekeeping, hygiene, the usual.)

The family was great to me as usual. I got both a drone and a guitar, making me 100% more annoying than usual.

Family, light, coffee, Ollie being amazing and Murphy trying to eat a bow.

This year I baked fewer cookies than ever and it still looks like I’m going to end up throwing a bunch out.

This year I baked:

Cookies! Cookies! Cookie Swap! Dog wanting cookies!

Oh, and I ran the cookie swap at TNP, so I baked the vanilla/chocolate version of the dark chocolate candy cane cookies for that. But that’s it! No snickerdoodles, no royal frosting, no pizzelles. Maybe we just have too many cookie-conscious adults and not enough gluttonous children these days.

Back to Sloth Week. On the 26th we did NOTHING. On the 27th we entered the sunshine and went to PJ Whelihan’s for wings and beer. Today WM replaced the door going to our garage and I finally went to a hair salon.


I stopped coloring my hair in July of 2017, planning on letting my gray come in and being a natural aging hippie crone. (Un)fortunately I only have 8 gray hairs. Today I had some dark put into the roots and some toner put on the ends to turn them from brassy to ashy.

ok it looks the same here. fml. and why am I growing a giant WC Fields nose?

I think the rest of this time off includes a lasagna, a trip to Home Depot, and a new lipstick. What’s coming in 2019? A no-spend and dry January, for starters.

Cookie tally & work holiday wrapup

The cookies are done and I sang “O night Diviiiiiiine” as I shoved the cooling racks into the dishwasher and put the mixer back up on top of the fridge. Here’s the final tally:


Yes, that is a cookie frosted to resemble the Liberty Bell.

  • Two batches of gingerbread people
  • One batch of peppermint swirl cookies
  • Two batches of sugar cutout cookies, artfully decorated by WM
  • Two batches of peanut butter blossoms
  • One batch of spritz (cookie press) cookies
  • One batch of chocolate chip cookies (I don’t like how they came out but others like’em)
  • Two batches of snickerdoodle cookies
  • Two batches of Pillsbury slice-n-bake peppermint cookies for WM’s classes (not pictured)
  • Two batches of white chocolate peppermint brownies for the work bake-off (not pictured)

This photo is from tonight, and in addition to the not-pictured items, I’ve already sent a tray of cookies off to my father and taken a tray to work. So there were more cookies.


We had our work holiday party on the Spirit of Philadelphia. Omigosh, so swanky. Here is me, dancing at the far right with some people from TNP and some people from another company who had their party at the same time.

I have no shame.

Because I’m nice, I won’t name the others.

This may have been the Cha Cha slide. And I still wear silly Christmas hats.

Here are the brownies that got me 3rd place in the bakeoff:


White chocolate peppermint brownies

Recipe here. I also won 3rd place in the holiday trivia contest. It pays to be middle-aged and know stupid things.

And my coworkers and I got together and made our own basket of cheer for our manager:

gift basket with enough booze to kill a man

The bow-making skills I learned at JCPenney’s gift wrap counter 20+ years ago still come in handy today!

There is enough alcohol in that basket to kill a man. The pic in front was taken on the Spirit of Philadelphia.

Next up — I have to pour a bit of cheer and finish wrapping presents!

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