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So hey, it’s been a while. Haven’t felt like blogging. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

(Clockwise from top left.)

In light of recent current events on this dark timeline where we now have Supreme Court Justice Ragey McPrepbro — and conservatism aside because at times I have voted Republican, is this the most sterling candidate he could come up with? — I signed up with Postcards to Voters and am writing til my hand cramps up. So you didn’t think President Trump would be a big deal and now you’re seeing the light? Vote. Vote right down that ticket, Governor down to town council.

I made lemon thyme salad dressing today with some of the thyme from my garden. Remy approves.

I also planted garlic. If the 80-degree October weather continues, I’ll have some this fall. Climate change, amirite?

And my manager rudely left for another company, so I sent an encouraging text on his first day. I’m nice like that.

Tuesday is show us your books day. I have 24 hours to get that post together.

(If I had a dollar for each time a man told me not to worry about Trump…)

Peaches and Herb(s)

My herb garden is exploding with goodness!

Top: Parsley, peppers, thyme
Bottom: Murphy, oregano and basil

I have fresh basil and parsley whenever I want some, a load of thyme I don’t know what to do with yet, and TONS of oregano. I harvested a bunch of it last weekend, thinking that I’d have enough dried oregano to gift all of my family and friends with some. I was designing “Angry Man Farms” labels in my head. I ended up with this much:

Yeah. I am not good with estimating size or volume.

And then I said to WM, “we should go to the Farmer’s Market and get some peaches, so I can write a blog post called Peaches and Herb(s)!” WM is a HUGE supporter of this blog and all of its related strange ideas. Which is how I ended up with enough fresh peaches to make a peach cobbler.

I used the Peach Cobbler recipe from Piece of Yum. My peaches were medium sized so I cut six of them. Next time I’ll use eight.

The topping was dead simple to make and best of all, I had every ingredient on hand except turbinado sugar.

The turbinado sugar was supposed to be added at the end before the cobbler goes under the broiler for the last 10 minutes in the oven. I used brown sugar instead which was a mistake because it started to burn. So don’t do that. I picked off the burnt parts and the cobbler was saved.

The finished product was gooey amazingness. Do you like the artsy photo? Because this is what my table ACTUALLY looked like.

Blogger photos are artfully curated lies. 🙂

Funny link about recipe bloggers: If You Want My Blueberry-Muffin Recipe, You Must Read This Crazy-Long Preamble First

And for those who got the title:

Fact: SEVEN different women filled the role of “Peaches” in this duo. No word on if they regenerated into each other.

Succulent birdbath garden

Back in April as I was chasing Murphy around the yard I tripped over something that turned out to be a birdbath buried underneath the ivy that covers the back third of our backyard.

After some Pinterest researching, here’s what we did.

The succulents are from Home Depot. The viney things are Creeping Jennys and one of them died shortly after planting. The other four looked sickly, but finally took root. That white coral-looking rock is actually a piece of concrete also retrieved from the ivy.

See, whenever the previous owners wanted to get rid of things, they just chucked them into the ivy. Concrete rocks, rusted garden tools, full sized birdbaths.

ANYWAY… the Jizo statue is from WM’s collection and the little path is just gravel.

Since it rained so much last week, I’m worried the succulents might rot. The birdbath is cracked and drains well, so fingers crossed our little garden makes it.

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