Angry Man Farms 2019: Outside

April 29, 2019

So much has changed in 3 weeks! Thanks to this bonehead


WM had to make some modifications to the raised bed. The front screen is removable so I can weed and water.

He also personalized it, which made me smile.

Welcome to Angry Man Farms!

And here are the 3 tomato plants, 2 cherry tomato plants, 2 basil plants, a sweet pepper plant, and a jalapeno pepper plant all of which were just scrawny seedlings three weeks ago. And 4 cilantro seeds, which haven’t sprouted yet.

It was supposed to be one plant per square foot, but basil and tomatoes are supposed to grow well in close proximity, so here goes nothing.

One tomato plant and one basil plant will be heading to Mom’s to live out their days. The other basil plant is in the raised planter:

The dill is thriving.

Because of the aforentioned bonehead, we had to slide the green beans pot into bonehead’s old crate.

You’ll notice the left side of the pot is beanless. Thanks, Murph. (I planted more.)

The cucumbers are growing. I’ll get some … sticks or something … for a tripod-style trellis. I haven’t fully thought this out. I have 2 weeks to figure this out.

Also filed under “not fully thought out:” Inspired by Home Grown Veg, on Monday I planted carrots and radishes in 2-gallon containers. My plan is to plant another container every 3 weeks so we’re not swamped with carrots and radishes all at once. The radishes are already sprouting.

Behind them are the impatiens that are set to go out front to distract people from the giant spot in the middle of my front lawn that will not grow. It’s like the previous owners salted that one spot. It’s driving me crazy.

We have no more plants inside! Hooray! Let the growing begin!

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  • kathy @ more coffee, less talky May 5, 2019 at 11:29 am

    this is awesome! we have bunnies and other veggie-eating animals in our backyard so i give the herbs i want to my FIL and he plants them in his giant garden. he, too, also has to contend with animals that dig and eat his plants (not dogs, squirrels, birds, bunnies etc) but he’s retired and spends all day patrolling his garden like gandalf (“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”) lol. it’s hilarious.