Angry Man Farm – Movin’ Outside

April 29, 2021

In March, I started some seeds for this year’s garden. Out of everything I planted, I emerged with:

  • One sage plant
  • One lavender plant
  • Five moss roses that look barely viable
  • Two cauliflower plants
  • Five jalapeno peppers
  • Five sweet pepper plants
  • Eight regular tomato plants
  • Eight cherry tomato plants (two varieties)

Last weekend, I transplanted most of the above seedlings into individual pots and put them into my little greenhouse. The cauliflower went right into one of the beds with some lettuce seeds. This will keep them cooler than being in the house but still warmer than they would be if I left them outside.

plant pots on shelves

Some of these plants will be given away because I couldn’t bear to cull the seedlings when too many sprouted. See the little painted stones on that shelf? Nephew A painted them and gave them to me for Christmas!

assortment of stones with vegetables painted on them. for use in the garden to mark where plants are
He gets to call me Kimmy. You do not.

I have been waiting to use these since I received them! Everyone should have a nibling, just saying.

The next big garden milestone is May 10th, when it should be safe for me to fill the four raised beds with seeds, plants, and my custom made plant markers!

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