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Friday 5: The Winner is

April 30, 2021

Ahoy, it’s Friday!

WM went back to work *at* school today. If he wasn’t vaccinated I’d be losing my mind. This is the longest amount of time we’ve been apart since March, 2020. Everyone knows that having school online is suboptimal, but as someone who has basically attended high school this year, learning is still happening. Earlier I closed a YouTube crafter’s video in disgust because she was making a card for “virtual graduation.” My God. Things that are virtual do not exist. Graduations are happening, degrees are being earned and conferred. Does she think people who choose not to participate don’t get their degrees? None of the 7,723 meetings I’ve had in the last 2 months could be called virtual. Those meetings happened.

Just like I have to learn how to work with and talk to people who acted against public health recommendations this whole time, I also have to learn how to work with and talk to with the parents who went from “Teachers are Hero’s! (sic)” to complete ogres after a few months. If you think your school system has returned to in-person instruction safely because you haven’t heard of cases, think again. Remember, legally, nobody has to disclose that they have Covid. Ethically, yes, we should disclose, but we know how well our citizenry has done with ethics since March, 2020.

But by all means, enjoy Wacky Hat Day.

Murphy, his toy, and Ollie sleeping under my computer chair while I work.
My coworkers, sleeping on the job as usual. Chair distressing by Murphy, 2017.

In pre-pandemic times, I worked from home only one day a week. Usually Mondays. And because WM always gets up first with the dogs, I’ve been able to sleep in until closer to my 8:30am start time. This morning I woke up earlier and had some time to fill before work. Which is how I was cleaning the kitchen and washing blankets at 7am.

This week’s Friday 5 is The Winner is and now that I’ve lost all of my readers who have children, let’s get it done!

  1. Why did you receive this week’s Special Helper ribbon?
    Mom had a bird nest (no eggs) in her dryer vent, and WM and I went over to clean it out. He cleaned it out and I just stood there. And I assembled WM’s lunch this morning. Those deeds countered the time I was asked to volunteer for something at work and did not. Not because I don’t want to help but more because I have to put my own oxygen mask on first this week, or else my own things won’t be finished.
  2. Why did you receive this week’s Good Sport ribbon?
    There must have been a mistake. I didn’t win that. Someone needs to call Pricewaterhouse Coopers because this week you’ve been handed the incorrect envelope.
  3. Why did you receive this week’s Attentive Listener ribbon?
    I listened to a bunch of school leadership and union meetings about the return to school, and even watched the hearing where the (Chris Christie-appointed) judge ruled against the union. Support your unions, except if it means missing Wacky Hat Day and then send the employees back into their poorly-ventilated school buildings.
  4. Why did you receive this week’s Good Manners ribbon?
    I thought many things this week and did not say them aloud. Believe it or not, I think many things and don’t even write them here. That opening paragraph is the third draft.
  5. Why did you receive this week’s Clean & Tidy ribbon?
    Because I am 90% of the way toward finally organizing my cords on my desk. I have a desktop, a monitor, a keyboard, mouse, mug warmer (very necessary), a sound bar, headset, and my work laptop which connects via USB hub to my keyboard and mouse. I am waiting for the arrival of a 12″ USB male/male cord to replace a 6 foot one (!!) , and then I’ll be able to tie everything back and get my cords off of the ground.
  6. (BONUS WRITTEN BY ME) Why did you receive this week’s Bitter Betty ribbon?
    Wacky. Hat. Day.

Tonight is movie night, which I hope I can stay awake for since our alarm went off at 5:45am for the first time in over a year. This weekend I’ll be planting some more seeds for the greenhouse, reading and taking notes on my Association Law Handbook, and catching up on some pleasure reading.

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  • scrivener April 30, 2021 at 7:54 pm

    Aaaaaand she STICKS THE LANDING with #6!

    Hang in there, and only good health for the Mr and his students.