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Lovin’ Summer, had me a blast

August 25, 2019

I decided a long time ago I have no desire to live past the age of 83. It seems macabre (and trust that I’m not going to kill myself on my 83rd birthday) but when you have more summers behind you than ahead, it puts things in perspective. That gives me a finite number of years and MORE IMPORTANTLY a finite number of summers to enjoy.

And I love summer like nobody’s business. This summer, I unplugged a little bit so I could enjoy it more.

My garden is phenomenal, and I have so many ideas to make it better next year.

Just a snapshot of our bounty.

The beach days have been divine, and I’m going to try to go as much as I can through autumn.

We finally broke down and bought a cart.

I went to HersheyPark with Nephews A and B and their entourage. Did you know that Nephew A is five now and no longer a baby but a boy?

Ironically, I didn’t eat any chocolate.

We took a lot of walks.

WM and Murphy are in the distance.

We used vacation time and stayed local.

The Marvel exhibit at the Franklin Institute

And I rebooted my resistance.

New pin!

Summer is wrapping up in a few weeks and rather than be depressed about it, I’ll know that I squeezed out as much as I could!

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